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Infoteria Inc.

Availability of English version empowers rapid XML-based solution
development worldwide

Philadelphia --- December 6, 1999 --- Infoteria Inc., a leading XML software
design and development company, today announced that the English version of
their industry leading XML products iConnector and iMessenger will start
shipping in the first quarter of 2000 and be available worldwide.
iConnector and iMessenger are member of Infoteria’s XML Solution Components
which offers comprehensive B2B database and application integration.
iConnector and iMessenger are exhibited at the exposition of XML ’99 as the
first public demonstration in the United States.

The iConnector series, the leading XML software packages in Japan, is a
gateway product between traditional databases and XML data.  iRuleGenerator,
included in the iConnector series, allows users to map XML data structure to
the database schema, and visa versa, easily using a graphical user interface
(GUI).  iConnector supports previous versions of the industry’s leading
databases, such as Oracle 7.x and Lotus Domino 4.5/4.6, as well as the
latest versions of those database.  iConnector also offers cross database
relational joins where incoming XML data can be stored using another
database as reference.  The iConnector series consist of 3 packages,
iConnector for Oracle, iConnector for Lotus Domino and iConnector for
Access.  Additional database support is planned in second quarter, 2000.

iMessenger enables the sending and receiving of XML data via SMTP protocol.
It has GUI setting screen and can run as a server to pool the incoming XML
messages using IMAP4 or POP3 protocol.  Both iConnector and iMessenger are
easily used in CGI (Common Gateway Interface) and ASP (Active Server Pages)
to build XML based web services, in addition to integrating inter-enterprise
information systems.

Price and Availability
iConnector and iMesenger are available for Microsoft Windows NT4.0 and 2000
in the first quarter of 2000. Sun Solaris and Linux version will follow soon
thereafter.  iConnector for Oracle and iConnector for Lotus Domino are
priced $8,000 each, iConnector for Access and iMessenger are priced $4,000
each.  In addition to standard package, C++ library version will be
available for OEM.

About Infoteria
Infoteria Inc., a member of W3C and OASIS, is a software design and
development company for emerging XML technology. The company is dedicated to
developing a wide range of practical XML software products and solutions
from XML enablement libraries to XML Servers for the next generation of

# # #

Infoteria is trademark of Infoteria Inc.  Other brand product names are
registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective holders.

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