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Features Centralized Management of DTDs and XML Schemas that Facilitates
Business to Business Interchange

Philadelphia, PA - XML ‘99 - (December 6, 1999) – XMLSolutions announced the
Beta program opening for release 1.0 of Schema Central(TM).  This is the
industry’s first tool to provide centralized management of XML schemas and

With large companies moving from the experimentation to implementation
stages for XML-based applications, they are seeing a confusing proliferation
of schemas from a variety of sources: industry standards groups, technology
vendors, trading partners, and in-house projects.

Schema Central is a web-based management facility that simplifies XML
implementation by providing the following benefits:

·	Simplifies setup for XML interchange with new trading partners
·	Allows XML schemas to be modified and tracked as business rules change
·	Promotes reuse of existing schemas, reducing the number of redundant, but
incompatible, schemas
·	Delivers easy side-by-side comparison and mapping tool for viewing like
schemas and DTDs

Schema Central allows an organization to set up a centralized repository of
schemas, providing tools to import, generate, browse, edit, categorize,
validate and manage the development of XML schemas and DTDs.

“Most large organizations have thousands of trading partners using a wide
variety of schemas covering different functional areas.  Without proper
schema management, XML data exchange with these partners becomes a
maintenance nightmare,” says Priscilla Walmsley, VP of Development for

Through this announcement, XMLSolutions seeks companies interested in
participating in the Beta testing cycle of Schema Central.  Interested
companies should contact the XMLSolutions sales team at sales@xmls.com or by
phone at (703) 506-1111 or toll-free at 1-877-965-9657

About XMLSolutions Corporation
XMLSolutions enables customers to profitably and painlessly expand their
existing EDI implementation to non-EDI trading partners through EDI-XML

Leveraging products and consulting services, XMLSolutions also allows
customers to:
·	Manage XML application development and deployment through DTD/Schema
management and programming utilities.
·	Rapidly implement XML Application Integration (XAI) initiatives through
custom application development using leading-edge products.
·	Enable legacy systems and data to participate in the e-commerce

XMLSolutions is headquartered in Northern Virginia, with offices in
Charlotte, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Bangalore, India and The Hague.
For more information, contact: Daryn Walters, walters@xmls.com, Phone:
703.506.1111, Fax: 703.556.9602, Web: www.xmls.com.

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