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Subject: OASIS MEMBER NEWS: U.S. Navy Implements XyEnterprise Production Publisher


Dan Demaree
Demaree Public Relations


U.S. Navy Implements XyEnterprise Production Publisher

CSC Plans to Offer XPP in JCALS Environment

PHILADELPHIA, PA - December 6, 1999 - Xyvision Enterprise Solutions, Inc.
(XyEnterprise), a leading developer of content management and publishing
software, announced that the Ship Systems Engineering Station, Carderock
Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWCCD-SSES) has implemented the
company's XyEnterprise Production Publisher (XPP).  XPP is a sophisticated
Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) composition system that offers high-speed
and automated throughput of SGML and XML data.

This implementation is part of a major project to SGML tag the majority
of maintenance and operations manuals related to the Hull, Mechanical
and Electrical  (HM&E) equipment and systems on U.S. Navy ships.  One
of the primary objectives of this project is to automate the production
of an SGML-based document set in order to offer mission critical data
in multiple media including Print, CD-ROM, and on the Web.

"This project is significant because it allows us to provide Navy 
both print and online versions of current technical documentation from
a single SGML file," said Marty Cohen, Head of Technical Manual & Training
Branch, NSWCCD-SSES. "This documentation provides the sailor with critical
operating and maintenance information about the ships' Hull, Mechanical
and Electrical equipment and systems. Current data is key to ensure that
our ships are well-maintained and ready to meet their mission."

The NSWCCD-SSES implementation is part of the JCALS effort supported by
Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) of El Segundo, California.  CSC plans
to offer XPP as an SGML/XML composition engine for JCALS and other sites
that require SGML and XML publishing functionality.

"We are pleased that the U.S. Navy has chosen XPP to automate the 
of its mission critical technical data," said Rich Pasewark, Vice 
of Sales and Marketing, Xyvision Enterprise Solutions. "XPP is an ideal
fit for XML and SGML based applications that require high-speed publishing
capabilities to produce high-volume, complex content in a variety of 
and media."

Bernie Coval, of the Interactive Electronic Technical Manual Support 
NSWCCD-SSES, said, "The scope of this project is immense. To date, we
have converted over the 6,000 manuals that contain more than 2 million
pages of text, tables and graphics to SGML. We use XPP to publish the
data in PDF and process it to the various distribution modes. The system
can publish a 1000-page manual in three to five minutes.  XPP 
formats the entire book.  It lays out the text, graphics, and tables and
then builds the title page, table of contents, and paginates the final
document.  We looked at several other electronic publishing tools but
it was difficult to find a system that could handle this volume of data."

Document Management Solutions, Inc. (DMSi) of North Andover, 
helped identify and implement a software system to automate NSWCCD-SSES
SGML publishing environment.  Upon completing the formal requirement 
DMSi recommended XyEnterprise Production Publisher (XPP) as the loose-leaf
publishing solution of choice for this project.  Based on their successful
integration of XPP in other demanding applications including the 
of Defense, telecommunications, and reference publishing accounts, DMSI
consultants were confident of XPP's ability to handle this tough job.

Mike Johnson, Director of Sales & Marketing, DMSI, said, "Time and time
again, we have found that XPP stands alone as the most powerful SGML/XML
loose-leaf composition engine on the planet."

About XyEnterprise

XyEnterprise provides companies with complete content and knowledge 
solutions that streamline the information creation and delivery process.
XyEnterprise combines its own publishing and content management software
with integration services and best-of-breed technologies to build 
de solutions for the collaborative creation, management and distribution
of information. Its customer base includes industry-leading companies
in the aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, standards and publishing
markets. These customers include Boeing Aircraft, IBM, Gulfstream, 
Telcordia, The Bureau of National Affairs, ASTM, and many others. For
more information, please contact XyEnterprise at 781.756.4400 or 

					#	#	#

Xyvision, XyEnterprise, and XPP are trademarks or registered trademarks
of Xyvision Enterprise Solutions. All other product and company names
mentioned herein are trademarked of their respective holders.

Dan Demaree
Demaree Public Relations

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