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From: Carolynn Sherby <csherby@msx.extricity.com>


New UK Office To Provide Powerful Business-To-Business E-Commerce 
To European Market

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif.-December 8, 1999-Extricity Software, Inc., the 
in providing business-to-business (B2B) ecommerce software for Global 2000
companies, announced the company opened a European head office in London,
U.K.  The new office is headed up by Extricity's new vice president and
general manager, EMEA, Keith Deane.

"British and European companies are embracing the Internet as a powerful
medium for communications and commerce," said Deane.  "Extricity's 
e-commerce software leverages this power by harnessing it not just for
front-end web-ordering, but for building and managing e-commerce trading
communities.  There is strong demand from the European industry and now is
the perfect time to introduce our solutions to this market," Deane stated.

In addition, Extricity Software last week also announced an agreement with
IBM Corp. to globally deliver Internet-based business-to-business (B2B)
integration software solutions.  Under the agreement, IBM will resell and
market Extricity AllianceSeries B2B e-commerce software worldwide.

Extricity Software designs, develops, markets, licenses and supports a 
of business-to-business integration software products that allows 
to leverage the Internet to work better with their business partners. 
business partners are global communities of customers, distributors, and
partners - which collectively comprise today's "extended enterprise".

Extricity Software provides a complete packaged solution that allows
companies to create and manage business processes and the flow of
information between customers, partners and suppliers. These business
processes - such as collaborative planning and engineering, channel
assembly, vendor-managed inventory, logistics, and those associated with
RosettaNet and other standards bodies- can all be automated and highly
synchronized so that, what used to take companies weeks and months to
accomplish, can now be done within hours.  The result is the ability to
leverage the Internet to compete through highly integrated trading partner
communities, leading to significant improvements in profitability and
operational efficiencies.

The Extricity AllianceSeries suite of products is being used today by many
global companies who have realised substantial return on their investment 
often in the range of five to 15 times the investment or more, with a
payback period typically measured in months rather than years.

There is a critical need for companies today to collaborate with one
another.  To get products to market swiftly, businesses are being driven 
collaborate in joint capacity planning, collaborative demand planning, and
synchronized order fulfillment.  Collaboration has become a requirement 
survival, and business integration enhances and improves the environment 
which collaboration takes place.

About Extricity Software
Extricity Software, Inc. is the premier provider of comprehensive, 
business-to-business software solutions.  The Extricity AllianceSeries
family of XML-based e-commerce solutions allows Global 2000 companies to
dramatically improve both their efficiencies and competitiveness by
leveraging the Internet to automate critical business processes and the 
of information between partners, customers and suppliers.

Founded in 1996, Extricity is a privately held company headquartered in
Redwood Shores, Calif. with offices worldwide.  Recently featured in Time
Magazine as an example of highly innovative technology companies that are
creating new business models based on business-to-business (B2B) 
commerce, Extricity was also named by Fortune Magazine as one of the "Top 
Enterprise Software Companies to Watch".

Extricity has formed strategic partnerships with companies such as Baan,
IBM, Intel, Microsoft, OnDisplay, PeopleSoft, SAP, and TIBCO. 
Extricity is working with major management consulting and systems
integrators, including Andersen Consulting, Cambridge Technology Partners, 
IBM Global Services and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

For more information, contact Extricity Software by phone at (650) 
via email at info@extricity.com, or on the web at www.extricity.com.


Carolynn Sherby
Director, PR and Analyst Relations
Extricity Software
555 Twin Dolphin Drive, Suite 600
Redwood Shores, CA   94065
Direct 650-596-4531
Fax 650-596-1310
email:  csherby@extricity.com

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