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Subject: OASIS MEMBER NEWS: XyEnterprise Previews Content@ Content Management Software for Microsoft Word

From: Dan Demaree <ddemaree@demaree-pr.com>


Dan Demaree
Demaree Public Relations

XyEnterprise Previews  Content@ Content Management Software for
Microsoft Word

New technology offers component management of XML, RTF, and Word files;
Adds structure to unstructured data for e-Business applications

PHILADELPHIA, PA (December 6, 1999)  - Xyvision Enterprise Solutions
Inc. (XyEnterprise), a leading developer of content management and
publishing software, previews its new content management application,
Content@ (pronounced Contenta) at the XML '99 conference in Philadelphia
this week. Content@ provides content management for users of Microsoft
Word by storing and managing Word document components in a dynamic
database repository. Content@ offers integrated workflow, meta-data
support, full-text search and facilitates the re-use of document
components for web, print, and other media.

Content@ is a content and document management application that enables
users to create efficiencies in their data creation and delivery
process. Content@ enables groups of users to simultaneously collaborate
on multiple parts of the same Word document, store components of the
document in a variety of formats, and recombine these components into
customized deliverables in web or print format. Content@ promotes
significant efficiencies in the time required to create and distribute
business critical documents such as policies and procedures, proposals,
financial reports, marketing materials, and many other documents created
in Word.

With Content@, users can store complete Word files or components of Word
files in DOC, RTF, XML or HTML format. This content can include text,
spreadsheets, graphics, presentations, sound, and video. Content@
enables content creators and consumers ease of use and powerful content
access and re-purposing as they bring their data from the desktop to the

Richard Pasewark, XyEnterprise Vice President of Sales and Marketing,
said,  "Content@ provides an important technology bridge to allow
unstructured data creators to gain the benefits of XML without the
high-cost of application development. It also allows users to migrate to
the new structured world of XML while continuing to use existing
templates and file types in their office environments."

Target Users

Content@ is targeted for collaborative groups creating content with
re-use potential across enterprises or communities of users. The large
number of users creating documents ready for the web and across
enterprise information systems has led to the development of XML and its
adoption by a variety of organizations and companies. Content@ enables
users of Word, who currently work with word files, to bridge their
legacy data and position themselves for XML within their current work

Content@ Interface

Content@ preserves the normal editorial environment within Word and adds
a Content@ menu that provides access to the content repository. Through
this interface, users can view, select, and edit content objects. Users
can access full-text and meta data searches, create new components from
existing documents or new documents, re-use content in a variety of data
collections, and interact with Content@'s built in workflow. Users
create components for re-use from their current documents by accessing
the "Create Components" function from the Content@ menu. After creating
components, Content@ creates unique objects in the repository and will
track the version, history, re-use, children, and other aspects of each
content object.

Robust Application Development Tools

Content@ comes complete with a COM-based Application Programming
Interface (API). This API enables smooth integration with other
applications in an enterprise environment and facilitates the use and
delivery of content from editorial environments to the web. Corporations
and integrators can offer solutions based on Content@'s workflow,
component management, and other powerful server functions with its ease
of use in the editorial environment.

Pricing and Availability

Content@ is available now for early adopters, with release scheduled for
February 2000. Basic systems, including 10 user seats, Content@ server,
and COM API start around $50,000. Content@ server runs on Windows NT and
Sun Solaris with clients on Windows 98 and NT. Content@ uses Oracle and
other leading databases and supports Word 97 and Word 2000.

About XyEnterprise

XyEnterprise provides companies with complete content and knowledge
management solutions that streamline the information creation and
delivery process. XyEnterprise combines its own publishing and content
management software with integration services and best-of-breed
technologies to build enterprise-wide solutions for the collaborative
creation, management and distribution of information. Its customer base
includes industry-leading companies in the aerospace, automotive,
telecommunications, standards and publishing markets. These customers
include Boeing Aircraft, IBM, Gulfstream, Maruboshi, Telcordia, The
Bureau of National Affairs, ASTM, and many others. For more information,
please contact XyEnterprise at 781.756.4400 or

     # # #

Xyvision, XyEnterprise, and Content@ are trademarks or registered
trademarks of Xyvision Enterprise Solutions. All other product and
company names mentioned herein are trademarked by their respective

Dan Demaree
Demaree Public Relations, Inc.
138-D Salem Street
Wakefield, MA 01880
Tel (781) 224-1700
Fax (781) 224-1739

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