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Subject: OASIS MEMBER NEWS: XyEnterprise Announces Parlance Content Manager v3.0 Featuring Dynamic XML Support, New User Interface, and API

From: Dan Demaree <ddemaree@demaree-pr.com>


Dan Demaree
Demaree Public Relations

XyEnterprise Announces Parlance Content Manager v3.0 Featuring Dynamic
XML Support, New User Interface, and API

Latest version targets content creators using XML for e-enabled business

PHILADELPHIA, PA (December 6, 1999)  - Xyvision Enterprise Solutions
Inc. (XyEnterprise), a leading developer of XML-enabled content
management and publishing software, has announced the latest version of
its content and document management software, Parlance Content Manager.
This new version builds upon Parlance's proven component management
functionality by extending its application development environment with
COM and JAVA APIs and enhanced support for XML. Additionally, its
redesigned user interface offers greater ease of use of the content
repository and integrated tools.

"With Parlance Content Manager v3.0, users and integrators can manage
dynamic XML components from desktop to the Internet." states Richard
Pasewark, Vice President Sales and Marketing at XyEnterprise. "Parlance
3.0 offers a unique set of tools for developing and extending XML
solutions, from its powerful Application Programming Interface (API) and
integrated workflow to its support for leading XML and SGML tools."

Industry Analysts say that content management tools like Parlance
Content Manager 3.0 are a vital part of e-Business applications,
enabling users and integrators to develop applications that deliver
timely information to users throughout the extended enterprise.
According to Mike Maziarka, Director at CAP Ventures, "Our research
shows that XML usage is on the rise, driven by the need to interchange
information between applications. Consequently, XML-smart content
management systems, like Parlance Content Manager, will play an
increasingly important role in sophisticated Web applications."

Dynamic XML Support

Parlance 3.0 includes support for dynamic XML import, use, and delivery.
Users can automatically load XML encoded data from an editor, legacy
data system, or other source and, based on content, document type
definition or schema, derive a configuration from the data source.
Parlance manages these XML components and metadata at an object level
for availability in any desired combination or format including web
sites, paper documents, or other electronic media.

New User Interface

Parlance Content Manager offers a new user interface that provides
visual access to content objects and their relationships, the ability to
search on XML and other content, and access to XML metadata. The
Parlance interface can be customized based on user or enterprise
preferences. The desktop client interfaces with Parlance's powerful
integrated workflow, enabling users to develop, view, invoke, and
automate new and existing workflows. Additionally, Parlance's interface
enables ready access and manipulation of versions, history, projects,
and other vital data resident in the system.

Robust Application Development Tools

Parlance Content Manager comes complete with a new Application
Programming Interface (API) based on Microsoft COM (Common Object Model)
for the Windows NT version of the product. A subsequent UNIX release
will offer the same API functionality in JAVA. This API enables smooth
integration with other applications in an enterprise environment and
facilitates the use and delivery of content from editorial environments
to the web. Integrators can offer customized solutions based on
programming interfaces that leverage Parlance's server functions.

Integration Partners

Based on these powerful new API's and import mechanisms, a broad range
of solutions can be developed with Parlance Content Manager 3.0.
Pasewark adds, "Parlance is known for its broad-based support of
structured data and with its new application development tools,
integrators will be able to more easily create powerful applications for
mission critical data management and XML delivery applications. We
envision new solutions targeted for e-commerce, dynamic content serving,
automated B2B solutions, and Web publishing." Integrators and resellers
are encouraged to participate in XyEnterprise's partners program by
contacting  partners@xyenterprise.com.

Pricing and Availability

Parlance Content Manager 3.0 is scheduled to ship in March 2000. The
Parlance server runs on Windows NT, Sun Solaris, and IBM AIX with
clients on Windows 98, NT, and Unix. Parlance Content Manager uses
Oracle and other leading databases and integrates with Arbortext Adept
Editor, Adobe FrameMaker+SGML, and a host of other application tools. A
basic Parlance system, including server, API, dynamic XML import, and a
10 user license starts at about $50,000. For more information, please
contact XyEnterprise at 781.756.4400 or info@xyenterprise.com.

About XyEnterprise

XyEnterprise provides companies with complete content and knowledge
management solutions that streamline the information creation and
delivery process. XyEnterprise combines its own publishing and content
management software with integration services and best-of-breed
technologies to build enterprise-wide solutions for the collaborative
creation, management and distribution of information. Its customer base
includes industry-leading companies in the aerospace, automotive,
telecommunications, standards and publishing markets. These customers
include Boeing Aircraft, IBM, Gulfstream, Maruboshi, Telcordia, The
Bureau of National Affairs, ASTM, and many others. For more information,
please contact XyEnterprise: 781.756.4400 or

#   #   #

Xyvision, XyEnterprise, Parlance, and Parlance Content Manager are
trademarks or registered trademarks of Xyvision Enterprise Solutions.
All other product and company names mentioned herein are trademarked by
their respective holders.

Dan Demaree
Demaree Public Relations, Inc.
138-D Salem Street
Wakefield, MA 01880
Tel (781) 224-1700
Fax (781) 224-1739

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