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Subject: OASIS MEMBER NEWS: General Electric Gas Turbine Business Provides Configuration Information with Sequoia's Interactive Enterprise Information Portal

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From:	Nate Soucy [SMTP:nsoucy@schwartz-pr.com]
Sent:	Monday, December 20, 1999 9:18 AM
To:	laurawalker@earthlink.net
Subject:	Sequoia Press Release Posting



David Schreiber
Sequoia Software Corp.

Manya Rossignoli
Schwartz Communications, Inc.

General Electric Gas Turbine Business Provides Configuration Information 
with Sequoia's Interactive Enterprise Information Portal

E-Business Solution based on Sequoia XML Portal Server Gives GE's Gas 
Turbine Customers Ability to Access and Act on Vital Turbine Configuration 
Information via the Internet

COLUMBIA, Md.December 20, 1999Sequoia Software Corporation, the leading 
provider of interactive enterprise information portals (EIPs), today 
announced that General Electric's (NYSE: GE) Gas Turbine Business in 
Greenville, South Carolina has selected Sequoia Software's XML Portal 
Server? (Sequoia XPS) to dramatically improve the way its customers access 
and act on information. The Sequoia-powered EIP provides GE technicians and 
customers, including many of the nation's largest power companies, with Web 
browser-based access to the precise data needed to maintain the 4,600 plus 
GE gas turbines now in service.

GE's gas turbines drive power-generating systems that have to work all day, 
everyday. By implementing Sequoia XPS, GE's Gas Turbines Division 
established an EIP that supports its customers 24/7 information 
requirements, and gives GE an interactive platform for delivering an 
expanding range of Web-based turbine service solutions.

Using Sequoia XPS, GE's Gas Turbine Division can aggregate data from a 
number of sources, providing customers and employees with personalized 
access to the latest turbine information. Moving forward, GE is considering 
connecting the portal with additional data sources, and, leveraging 
Sequoia's interactive capabilities, providing customers with information 
concerning the maintenance and upgrade of their critical equipment.

"GE's deployment of Sequoia XPS illustrates perfectly the role our 
interactive portal technology plays in enhancing customer service and 
reducing operating costs," noted Mark Wesker, president of Sequoia 
Software. "Once again, GE is demonstrating its leadership through the 
innovative use of technology to improve its products and services.  We are 
very proud to include GE among Sequoia's growing list of satisfied customers."

GE produces the broadest line of gas turbines in the industry today. 
Maintenance of the equipment begins with the requirement to fully document 
the as-built configuration of the gas turbines. GE's Quality Records 
Department creates and maintains extensive databases of information and 
images of production documents for each turbine manufactured by GE. 
Managing customer requests for information is an expensive and arduous 
process. Now, using the Sequoia-powered EIP, customers can directly access 
the exact information they require, from any Internet-enabled computer. GE 
has also reduced the number of employees required to manage the entire 
information distribution process by sixty percent.

About GE Gas Turbines Business GE Gas Turbines in Greenville is part of 
GE's Power Systems business with headquarters in Schenectady, NY.  The 
Schenectady, NY facility produces the world's largest generators and steam 
turbines for the power generation industry and is in the process of 
implementing the same system used at the Gas Turbine Greenville facility.

About Sequoia Software Sequoia Software Corporation, headquartered in 
Columbia, Maryland, is the leading provider of Interactive Enterprise 
Information Portals (EIPs). Sequoia's EIP application, Sequoia XML Portal 
Server? (XPS) increases the accuracy of search and retrieval and lets you 
act on information directly through the portal, dramatically increasing 
your productivity and effectiveness. Instead of sifting through multiple 
hits, XPS delivers the specific information you need in one click. With 
XPS, you view and work with application-specific content through a single, 
personalized web page, streamlining your ability to get things done. This 
unique ability to read and write information directly through the portal is 
Sequoia's Interactive edge. For EIP solutions that let you do more in less 
time visit www.sequoiasoftware.com or call Sequoia toll free (888) 820-7917.


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