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Dan Demaree 
Demaree Public Relations


Funding to Enhance Development of XML Products, Sales and Marketing 

READING, MA, (February 9, 2000) - Xyvision Enterprise Solutions, Inc.
(XyEnterprise), a leading developer of XML content management and publishing,
announced that it has sold $6 million of its common stock to investors
in a private placement.  The investors included several new institutional
and private entities, including Pennsylvania Merchant Group and Friendly
Capital, and existing investor Tudor Trust, an entity controlled by Jeffrey
L. Neuman, Chairman of the Board of XyEnterprise.  XyEnterprise sold the
common stock primarily for cash and some debt forgiveness.  XyEnterprise
will use the proceeds of the offering to expand its global sales and marketing
efforts and further the development of its XML content management and
publishing software.  

"This financing will enable us to expand our marketing efforts and enable
us to apply our XML expertise and experience in the growing market for
XML solutions," said Kevin Duffy, President and CEO of XyEnterprise. "As
we position our software for a broader variety of e-business applications,
we will use this funding to add OEM and VAR partners, enhance our direct
sales efforts, and fund new market initiatives in the areas of e-commerce
interaction, web-content delivery and dynamic XML interactions."

Duffy added, "With our recent sales to Sun Microsystems and Freightliner,
we are energized by the market interest in our XML and SGML publishing
and content management solutions. Our Parlance Content Manager, Content@,
and XyEnterprise Production Publisher software continue to provide powerful
solutions for XML content management and high-end publishing challenges."

Richard Hansen, CEO of Pennsylvania Merchant Group said, "XyEnterprise
is one of the few proven providers of comprehensive XML solutions. We
are pleased to make this investment and look forward to working with the
new management team as they progress into this burgeoning market." 

Warren Trepp of Friendly Capital LLP commented, "Friendly Capital invests
in a broad range of emerging technologies and we are very excited to add
XyEnterprise and their proven technology to our portfolio."

Jeffrey L.  Neuman, Chairman of the Board of XyEnterprise said, "Our reputation
 as a technology leader in the XML content management market, our strong
management team and opportunities for our continued growth were well received
in the investment community.  I look forward to the expansion of our business."

About XyEnterprise

With headquarters in Reading, Mass., Xyvision Enterprise Solutions, Inc.
(XyEnterprise) provides its customers with complete XML content management
solutions that streamline their information creation and delivery processes.
 XyEnterprise combines its own publishing and content management software
with integration services and best-of-breed technologies to build enterprise-wi
de solutions for the collaborative creation, management and distribution
of information.  Its customer base includes industry-leading companies
in the high-tech, aerospace, automotive, networking, standards and publishing
markets.  These customers include Boeing, IBM, Sun Microsystems, Telcordia,
Lucent, The Bureau of National Affairs, and many others.  For more information,
 please contact XyEnterprise at (781) 756-4400 or visit XyEnterprise on
the web at http://www.xyenterprise.com/.  

					#	#	#

Xyvision, XyEnterprise, XPP are trademarks or registered trademarks of
Xyvision Enterprise Solutions.  All other product and company names mentioned
herein are trademarked of their respective holders.

Dan Demaree
Demaree Public Relations

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