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Subject: OASIS EVENT NEWS: XML Excursion 2001

XML Excursion 2001, a unique conference co-hosted by OASIS and Geek
Cruises, Inc., will be held from Friday, January 26 - Monday, February
5, 2001 aboard Holland America's luxurious Volendam sailing the
Southern Caribbean. The 10-day conference combines a cruise vacation
with 24.5 hours of intensive XML and XML-related seminars presented by
leaders in the field.

Take your mind on a vacation!
Sail the exotic Southern Caribbean.

    Willemstad, Curacao
    La Guaira, Venezuela
    Port of Spain, Trinidad
    Fort-de-France, Martinique
    St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
    Half Moon Cay, Bahamas

Pursue a fun-filled itinerary.
And take part in the first-of-its-kind XML conference.
All on a luxurious five-star cruise ship.

Attend 24.5 hours of seminars presented by the leaders in XML:
Jon Bosak
Tim Bray
Clark Cooper
David Connelly
Steve DeRose
G. Ken Holman
Molly Holzschlag
Sean McGrath
Steven R. Newcomb
Simon Phipps
Paul Prescod
John Simpson
Simon St.Laurent
James Tauber
Norman Walsh
Lauren Wood

Bring your friends and family.
Because there's plenty for everyone to do.
Play. Relax. Learn.

For more information about this unique vacation for computer
professionals, go to www.GeekCruises.com.

Picture yourself on the ultimate geek vacation. You're having
breakfast on the deck of a luxurious cruise ship. Warm Caribbean
breezes blow gently as you savor your first cup of coffee. The day is
clear and bright. You check your watch. Great, you think, it's almost
time for the next XML seminar. This is the life: relaxation for the
body, stimulation for the mind.

Our Southern Caribbean cruise aboard Holland America's luxurious new
Volendam will take you to a Caribbean that's off the beaten path. In
10 days, you'll experience a disparate collection of ports of call:
Curacao, Venezuela, Trinidad, Martinique, St. Thomas, Bahamas. But
don't think the adventures on this cruise are confined to the ports of
call. The beautiful Volendam, which just began service in 1999, is a
fabulous floating resort.

Geek Cruises offers a unique opportunity for computer professionals to
have it all: a working vacation that provides the best training by
leaders in the field on board a fabulous cruise ship. Join us for XML
Excursion 2001! Because there's never been a conference quite like
this one.

But the seminars aren't the only part of the trip that will stimulate
you. The great thing about attending a conference on a cruise ship is
the informal socializing that will occur continuously for 10 glorious
days. Talk one-on-one with seminar presenters. Pick up discussions
started earlier with fellow Geek Cruisers. Network practically around
the clock. Meet like-minded people who will talk geek speak all night.
All this in an atmosphere of graciousness and attention to detail that
will make your cruise vacation a truly memorable one.

For more information and our full program, check out

Neil R. Bauman, Captain
Geek Cruises, Inc. (www.GeekCruises.com)
1430 Parkinson Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94301

650-327-3692; Fax: 520-396-2102; Cell phone: 215-519-0141

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