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Subject: OASIS MEMBER NEWS: RioLabs Selected by MapQuest for B2B Commerce Strategy

-----Original Message-----
From:	Annie Pomponio [SMTP:annie@riolabs.com]
Sent:	Friday, February 11, 2000 7:15 PM
Subject:	RioLabs press release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - February 14, 2000

RioLabs Selected by MapQuest for B2B Commerce Strategy
MapQuest Implementing XML-Based Customer Provisioning and Information
DENVER, Colo. - February 14, 2000  - RioLabs announced today that MapQuest
(NASDAQ: MQST) has selected RioLabs’ Proximal as the XML technology center
of its business-to-business customer service strategy.  To automate the
customer provisioning process, MapQuest, a leader in online destination
services, is building an XML-based system that will register new customers
and automatically provision MapQuest services.   MapQuest will expand the
use of the XML technology to provide usage statistics and account
information to customers.
“We are excited about the new systems we are implementing for our
 customers,” said Michael Mulligan, CEO at MapQuest.  “RioLab’s Proximal is
allowing us to implement XML-based technology quickly to provide better
service to our customers.”
“MapQuest is taking another industry leading step by moving their customer
service capabilities to XML.  We are delighted to be working with such a
visionary organization,” said Bob Hale, RioLabs’ CEO.  “With Proximal’s
unique technology, we are able to quickly link clients and suppliers for
business-to-business commerce and information services.”
Industry analysts estimate that $1.3 trillion of business-to-business
information exchange and commerce will occur by 2003.  Companies are rapidly
building new approaches for establishing business communities, including
e-commerce portals and Web-based client installation and reporting services.
All of these business-based communities require information services for
their consumers and their business customers.  However, all information
exchanges and e-commerce portals face information integration challenges.
MapQuest provides leading destination information solutions; RioLabs solves
the business-to-business integration challenges.
About MapQuest
lqu8> is a leader in online destination information solutions and digital
mapping services. Also, MapQuest.com licenses its technology to more than
1,000 business partners. Through these licensing agreements MapQuest.com
helps businesses integrate maps and driving directions into their Internet,
intranet and call center applications for improved marketing and customer
service functions.
MapQuest.com's diverse network of business partners includes: Yahoo (Nasdaq:
YHOO), Lycos (Nasdaq: LCOS), InfoSpace (Nasdaq: INSP) Infoseek (Nasdaq:
SEEK), Excite @Home (Nasdaq: ATHM), AOL (NYSE: AOL), CitySearch (Nasdaq:
TMCS), Travelocity (NYSE: TSG), Bank of America (NYSE: BAC), Blockbuster,
and Dayton Hudson (NYSE: DH).

About RioLabs
RioLabs’ provides the Proximal suite of tools for integration of suppliers
into business-to-business e-commerce portals.  Major portals providers
include companies such as CommerceOne, Ariba, and Harbinger.  Proximal makes
the promise of e-commerce portals a reality by rapidly and automatically
linking enterprise information sources with B2B XML portal or direct trading
solutions.  Proximal provides an easy-to-use, two-way data exchange with any
XML-based application, greatly reducing the time-to-market for e-commerce
portals, direct B2B suppliers, and Web-based catalogs.  As a result,
enterprise organizations are able to realize a strong strategic competitive
advantage as well as an extremely rapid return on investment.

# # #
RioLabs and PROXIMAL are either trademarks or registered trademarks of
RioLabs. Other product and company names mentioned herein might be the
trademarks of their respective owners.

RioLabs Contact: David Shull RioLabs 303.809.0735 daves@riolabs.com
<mailto:daves@riolabs.com>  www.riolabs.com	MapQuest Contact: Lisa Gebb
MapQuest.com, Inc. 212.904.0417 lgebb@mapquest.com www.mapquest.com  Susan
Killilea Brodeur Worldwide 617.587.2937 skillilea@brodeur.com

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