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Subject: OASIS MEMBER NEWS: HyperVision announces Version 1.2 of WorX(TM)

| -----Original Message-----
| From: Jennifer Parkes [mailto:jparkes@hvltd.com]
| Sent: Thursday, February 17, 2000 4:47 PM

For immediate release				February 8, 2000

Jennifer Parkes
HyperVision Ltd.
230 E Ohio Street, Suite 210
Chicago, IL 60611
Ph:  312-274-1206
Fax: 312-274-1228

WorX(TM) -- an Easy Path to XML

HyperVision Ltd. has announced the release of Version 1.2 of WorX(TM) for
Word.  This new technology allows users to create well formed, structured
documents using Microsoft? Word.  WorX operates in compliance with Word 95,
97, NT, and 2000.  WorX is the most sophisticated Extensible Markup
Language (XML) authoring supplement to Word available on the market today.

XML provides the foundation for describing information in a truly vendor
neutral format. WorX provides the familiar authoring framework of Word with
the necessary controls needed to prepare valid XML documents.  Some of the
controls used by WorX are: real-time display of structure information;
multiple levels of control on the document contents; Graphical User
Interface (GUI) based forms for entering attribute information; and the
facility to retrieve existing information from current repositories.  As an
add-in to Word, WorX offers unrestricted access to the rich set of features
and functionality offered by Word.  Users can retain their regular comfort
level with Word and need not develop an in depth knowledge of XML to use

WorX is ideal for organizations that need to create structured documents on
a regular basis and that have a commitment to Word as their basic authoring
tool.  The technology provides the best value by preserving the documents
in a vendor-neutral XML syntax.  WorX will also benefit organizations that
want to manage an organized framework for general authors and creative
staff.  WorX will save organizations time and money by avoiding the need to
use different authoring tools to prepare their documents for publication by
printers or on the Internet.  Because XML is an industry endorsed standard,
WorX documents enjoy the ability to be exported to most any publishing
medium without further modification.

Through extensive and sophisticated use of Word's foundation capabilities,
WorX represents a significant breakthrough in the arena of structured
authoring.   Bert Sheingate, President of HyperVision, indicated that the
future direction for WorX would include vertical implementations of
authoring environments for specific industries.  Each implementation will
be established through administrative definitions relating to predefined
industry specific Schema.  Bert states, "Each industry is beginning to
realize the potential of XML, and industry standard definitions for XML
languages have started to emerge.  The use of Word in such initiatives will
be significant for WorX and HyperVision."

Because WorX takes the approach of authoring with Word, the users can
prepare a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) document and have it
marked up for re-purposing.  Having the XML document allows for easy
association of stylesheets, which enables the rapid distribution of
information to a variety of media.  With WorX, you will have full control
over your information in the face of changing technologies.

The WorX functionality is available for description on the Internet at
http://www.hvltd.com.  For a demonstration or for more information, please


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