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Subject: OASIS Co-Sponsors XTech XML Developers Conference

OASIS Co-Sponsors XTech XML Developers Conference

Boston, MA, February 24, 2000—OASIS, the Organization for the Advancement of
Structured Information Standards, will co-sponsor the XTech 2000 Developers
Conference, February 27 - March 2 in San Jose, California. Hosted by GCA,
XTech 2000 brings together experts, developers and technical managers for an
intense look at the current XML technology and applications of the standard.
The conference will feature an exposition where developers and suppliers of
XML technology will demonstrate the interoperability of their tools.

“XTech is unique because of the people behind it. The conference is led by
the organizers of the working group that created XML,” explained Laura
Walker, executive director of OASIS. “XTech co-chairs, Jon Bosak (Sun
Microsystems), Tim Bray (Textuality) and David Megginson (Megginson
Technologies) have assembled an exceptional program that examines how far
XML has come since its introduction and where it’s going in the future.”

Highlights of XTech include Town Hall meetings where representatives from
the W3C's XML Schema and XML Query Working Groups will take the stage in two
separate open-mike town-hall forums.

XTech presentations will discuss the theory and the practical application of
XML and its related standards, including XLink and XSL. Sessions cover the
technical underpinnings of XML implementation and how XML works on different
operating platforms and systems, including Linux and Java.

OASIS members, many of whom will be presenters at the conference, will meet
in technical committees at XTech.  Organizations or individuals interested
in attending OASIS technical meetings should contact Scott McGrath
(scott.mcgrath@oasis-open.org) for more information.

OASIS (http://www.oasis-open.org) is a non-profit, international consortium
dedicated solely to product-independent data and content interchange.
Focusing on product interoperability, OASIS embraces the complete spectrum
of structured information standards including XML, SGML and CGM. OASIS
sponsors include Adobe Systems, Aerospatiale, AND-USA, Arbortext, Bentley
Systems, Boeing, Bowstreet, Chrystal Software, Cohesia, Commerce One,
CommerceNet, CompTIA, Corel, DataChannel, DMSi, Documentum, Dun &
Bradstreet, eCredit.com, Enigma, eXcelon, Extricity Software, GCA, Health
Level Seven, IBM, InformIT, Informix, InterCAP, Interleaf, Interwoven,
ISOGEN, ITEDO, JetForm, Keyfile, Microsoft, NextPage, NII Enterprise
Promotion Association, Nimble.com, NIST, Object Management Group (OMG), Open
Applications Group, Oracle, Pick Systems, ProNet Technology Partners, Reed
Technology, Reuters, Sabre, Sequoia Software, SoftQuad, Software AG, STEP,
StreamServe, Sun Microsystems, Synthbank, Wavo, Whitehill Technologies,
Xerox, XMLSolutions and XyEnterprise.

XML.ORG (http://xml.org) is a vendor-neutral community for advancing XML
industry standardization. Hosted by OASIS, the XML.ORG website provides news
and information about the application of XML in electronic business
environments. XML.ORG offers valuable online tools, such as the XML.ORG
Catalog, a clearinghouse for industry-specific or cross-industry XML
specifications. Sponsors of XML.ORG include DataChannel, Documentum,
Commerce One, GCA, IBM, SAP, SoftQuad and Sun Microsystems.

For more information:
Carol Geyer
Media Relations Consultant
Tel: +1.412.963.1479
Fax: +1.505.210.2878

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