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Subject: OASIS Member News - Chrystal Software Announces Availability of New Web Content Management

Chrystal Software Announces Availability of New Web Content
Product, Eclipse
Tool delivers dynamically personalized content to Web sites
San Diego, CA - June 12, 2000 - Chrystal Software, a pioneer in
content management solutions, today announced that it is shipping
its new product, Eclipse, to customers in North America and
Europe. Early customers include Sun Microsystems, The Electronic
Telegraph, Element K (formerly Ziff-Davis University), Lightspeed
Interactive, Adam.com, and Mercedes Chrysler USA.  Chrystal
Software will be demonstrating Eclipse at XML Europe, June 13-15,
at the Palais des Congres de Paris, in Paris, France.
Eclipse is an innovative solution incorporating traditional Web
pages with dynamic, personalized content. It provides rich
support for XML (eXtensible Markup Language). Eclipse takes
advantage of XML to structure information for dynamic content
delivery to the Web and to other formats including graphics, PDF
files, and HTML pages. By managing Web-based information at a
very precise level, information is personalized and assembled for
a wide variety of viewers, each with potentially different goals
and information needs.
"A key ingredient of success for B2B e-commerce will be
personalized information delivery. Companies that can offer
dynamic content creation, management, and delivery for their Web
sites have a tremendous opportunity," said to David E. Garnett,
President and CEO of Chrystal Software. "Literally every business
Web site will need to incorporate personalization capabilities to
remain competitive."
One immediate application for which Eclipse is already providing
a solution is online training. To effectively deliver Web-based
training, the curriculum must be responsive to the user's needs,
providing personalized course content based on interests,
experience, and progress.
Integrated Modular Solution
"Eclipse provides a three-tier architecture that includes broad
server platform support and support for large Web sites" stated
Bradlee Change, Vice President of Engineering for Chrystal
Software. "Eclipse is a particularly appealing too for Web
masters and integrators because it provides support for content
layout and design, as well as full support for XML and HTML data
Eclipse provides specific capabilities to users who are involved
in creating, managing, and delivering Web content. These user
arenas are built on an underlying architecture that provides the
core functionality for content capture, content management,
dynamic assembly, personalization, and business rules.
The system is very flexible and requires few additional resources
since it allows the use of familiar tools and applications. It
provides full content management and is compatible with existing
Web pages, Web design tools, Internet browsers, Web servers, and
XML authoring software.

"The functionality contained within Eclipse supports Unicode and
multi-lingual applications, which out of the box, adds value to
businesses marketing and supporting a world-wide customer base,"
explained Garnett.  With its multi-lingual support, Eclipse
addresses the growing need for Web sites that are presented in
multiple local languages.
About Chrystal Software
Chrystal Software delivers high performance content management
for Web based applications, as well as traditional publishing.
Eclipse provides unparalleled personalization of content, with
real-time interactive content assembly based on user profile and
input. Chrystal also markets content management products for
high-end publishing and single-source authoring.
The company has a worldwide presence with partners in key markets
and customers in automotive, aerospace, telecommunications
equipment, publishing, and other industries. Customers include
Sun Microsystems, Rover Group, Lockheed Martin, Sun Microsystems,
Dell Computers, Texas Instruments, Lucent Technologies, Micro
Compact Car AG, and Daimler Chrysler.
Chrystal Software is a Xerox New Enterprise Company.

# # #

Nancy Mumford, Chrystal Software (858) 676-7791,
Copyright 2000, Chrystal Software, Incorporated. All rights
reserved. All brand and product names are trademarks or
registered trademarks of their respective companies.

Scott McGrath
Member Services Manager

Organization for the Advancement of
Structured Information Standards

+1 978 667 5115  (US & Int'l Voice)
+1 978 667 5114  (US and Int'l Fax)

PO Box 455
Billerica, MA  01821

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