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Subject: OASIS Member News - Extensibility announces beta of XML Canon



I am pleased to announce that Extensibility, Inc. will shortly begin the

beta program for XML Canon(tm), the canonical source of XML infrastructure

assets. I encourage any workgroup serious about collaborating on

infrastructures for XML applications to sign up for the XML Canon beta

program.  To learn more and apply for the XML Canon beta program, visit:



Extensibility's XML Canon will provide your organization a centralized,

canonical source for your organization's XML-based application

infrastructure assets. XML Canon is built utilizing an extensible

architecture that will provide businesses the ability to manage, publish,

and process their XML infrastructure assets including:


            * XML schemas

            * DTDs

            * XML documents

            * XML stylesheets

            * Business documents

            * Metadata of existing applications


Extensibility's Turbo XML(tm) - the suite of solutions including: XML

Authority(tm), XML Instance(tm), and XML Console(tm) - will tightly

interface to XML Canon, providing your organization an incomparable XML

infrastructure design, implementation, and processing environment.

Accelerated development cycles will meet the needs of the real-time

e-business lifecycles required to achieve today's market leadership.


Using XML Canon, corporate e-business rules become trading group standards

and influence industries; accelerating the creation and management of a new

dynamic application architecture. Advanced asset management features such as

versioning, security, and check-in/check-out services makes XML Canon the

preferred platform to launch any collaborative XML initiative. XML Canon

provides organizations centralized control and means of distribution for all

XML infrastructure assets. Business technology lifecycles move at Internet

speed with XML Canon.


Please register to join the forthcoming beta program for XML Canon. We will

initially roll out the Early Access program to a limited group of accounts.

General access to XML Canon will be achieved over time. As always, if you

have special feature requests, let us know.  Register now at:



Thank you for your support of Extensibility. We are driven by your success.




Reid Conrad

President and CEO






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