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Subject: Chrystal Software Announces New Partnering Agreement

Chrystal Software Enters Strategic Partnership with PerCurrence, Inc.
Pair to Provide XML-based infrastructure solutions on personalized Web sites

San Diego, CA - June 29, 2000 - Chrystal Software, a pioneer in content
management solutions, and PerCurrence, Inc., an XML-based infrastructure
solution provider, have entered a strategic partnering agreement. The
companies will provide state-of-the-art technology for the Web content
syndication market. Powered by Chrystal Software's Eclipse, this solution
will offer better service and support to Web visitors and improve overall
customer satisfaction. One of the first vertical markets to immediately
benefit from the Eclipse/PerCurrence integration will be information
"The information publishing industry is undergoing a metamorphosis," stated
Harley Sitner, President of Product Marketing for PerCurrence. "Print
publishing can not keep up with the demand for immediate access to current
information at any given time. Dynamic content syndication publishing is a
tool that addresses that need today, with many options to improve services
and add applications in the future."
The PerCurrence Content Syndication Solution provides the means for content
creators to syndicate information to anyone based on interest. PerCurrence's
PerXML technology utilizes XML's simple yet powerful structure to transform
and integrate information stored in a wide variety of electronic formats.
Once transformed, information can be seamlessly passed across networks,
allowing businesses to minimize costs and maximize revenues.
Eclipse is Chrystal Software's solution for maintaining and structuring
information for dynamic, content delivery. Chrystal Software makes it
possible for content deliverers to target specific information for
individual recipients. An XML-based content management and authoring
environment allows companies to assemble infinite combinations of content
based on user profiles and interest. Eclipse's powerful version tracking,
history, search, and reuse capabilities ensure that content is easily
maintained and only current information is pulled for delivery. 
"The Eclipse and PerXML Syndication solution will leverage the power of XML
to allow content service providers to distribute information easily and
efficiently," said Wil Shaw, Vice President of Marketing for Chrystal
Software. "This solution is not application specific, and it can be used for
business-to-business or business-to-customer relationships."
Adam.com, on-line health information publishers, are PerCurrence's first
customers to use the Eclipse engine for online, customized syndication
About PerCurrence, Inc.
PerCurrence has a mission: to provide XML based infrastructure solutions
that enable our customers to leverage the power of XML and the Internet to
achieve business goals. To meet that mission, PerCurrence boasts a talented
team of software developers, process engineers, and content specialists. The
company is headquartered in San Francisco, CA, with satellite development
offices in Santa Clara, CA, and Vancouver, BC.
About Chrystal Software
Chrystal Software delivers high-performance content management for Web based
applications, as well as traditional publishing applications. Eclipse
provides unparalleled personalization of content, with real-time content
assembly based on user profile and input. Chrystal also markets content
management products for high-end publishing and single-source authoring.
The company has a worldwide network of  partners in key markets and
customers in automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, publishing,
training, and other industries. Customers include Sun Microsystems, Rover
Group, Lockheed Martin, Sun Microsystems, Dell Computers, Texas Instruments,
Lucent Technologies, Micro Compact Car AG, and Daimler Chrysler.
Chrystal Software is a Xerox New Enterprise Company.

# # #

Nancy Mumford, Chrystal Software (858) 676-7791, nmumford@chrystal.com 

Copyright 2000, Chrystal Software, Incorporated. All rights reserved. All
brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their
respective companies.


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