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Subject: Arbortext Epic 4.0 E-Content Software Chosen by Seybold Editors asSeybold San Francisco 2000 Hot Pick

Arbortext Epic 4.0 E-Content Software Chosen by Seybold Editors as Seybold
San Francisco 2000 Hot Pick

XML-based e-content software aggregates content into XML from diverse
sources and transforms it for the Web, print and wireless

ANN ARBOR, Mich., August 28, 2000 -- Arbortext, Inc., a leading provider of
Extensible Markup Language (XML) –based e-content software for e-publishing,
e-commerce, and B2B
e-marketplaces, today announced that the latest version of its e-content
software, Epic 4.0, was selected by Seybold Publications editors to receive
a Seybold San Francisco 2000 Hot Pick Award.

Epic 4.0 was chosen as one of the twenty-five products and innovative
technologies designed to advance Web, print and cross-media publishing to
receive a Hot Pick at Seybold San Francisco 2000.  More than 250 submissions
for Hot Pick recognition were reviewed by Seybold Publications editors and
the 25 most interesting publishing products and technologies were chosen as
winners.  Other Hot Pick Award recipients this year include Adobe,
Hewlett-Packard Digital Publishing Solutions, Kodak, Microsoft and Canon.
Arbortext will be exhibiting throughout the Seybold Show (booth # 3129),
which runs August 27 – September 1, 2000, at the Moscone Center.

Epic 4.0 gives enterprises a competitive advantage by helping them provide
personalized, dynamic and easily searchable content for e-publishing,
e-service, e-catalog and e-marketplace applications.  Enterprises using Epic
4.0 can more effectively create, manage, personalize and share e-business
content that is critical to facilitating business transactions and customer

“It’s an honor to receive a Seybold Hot Pick Award,” said PG Bartlett, vice
president of marketing at Arbortext.  “Epic 4.0 represents our most recent
product offering which provides major corporations from around the world
with the most complete, reliable and comprehensive e-content solution
available.  We have been at the forefront of XML-based e-content technology
for quite some time, and we are pleased to have our solution recognized by
such a renowned organization as Seybold.”

Epic E-Content Engine (E3)

A key facet of Epic 4.0 is the new Epic E-Content Engine (E3), an XML
content server.  E3 is a Web-based system that can aggregate content from
diverse sources, convert that content into reusable XML components and store
them in a repository, and personalize and transform that content for
delivery to the Web, in print and to wireless devices.  E3 supplements
content management servers and Web application servers by providing powerful
capabilities for content aggregation into XML and content transformation
from a single source of XML to multiple media.

Arbortext’s Epic 4.0 product line provides these additional capabilities:

·	Direct XML Content Creation/Editing.  Arbortext offers the industry’s most
popular, most powerful and most flexible XML editing software.  Epic Editor
powers content creation at hundreds of the world’s top companies because it
delivers the greatest breadth and depth of support for XML and related
standards.  Epic Editor LE, a simplified version of Epic Editor, offers
incredibly easy XML content creation for the occasional contributor.

·	XML Content Conversion.  E3 can convert word processing and desktop
publishing formats to XML with initial support for Microsoft Word and HTML
forms and support for Adobe FrameMaker and Interleaf later this year.

·	Single-Source Cross Media Transformation.  For publishing, E3 transforms a
single source of XML content to many different forms including HTML for Web
browsers, Wireless Markup Language (WML) for cellular phones, Open
Electronic Book (OEB) for E-books, PostScript and PDF.

·	Repository Integration.  E3 connects to several repositories including
Documentum 4i and Oracle’s 8i database through Oracle’s iFS (Internet File
System), and can connect to any repository through its open API.

About Arbortext

Renowned as one of the original creators of XML, Arbortext is the leading
global provider of XML software for content critical to e-business.
Shipping since 1991, Arbortext’s standards-based software enables
enterprises to provide more personalized, dynamic and easily searchable
content for e-publishing, e-commerce and B2B e-marketplaces.  Arbortext’s
software is currently deployed at over 300 of the Global 2000 companies,
including AT&T, Audi, Boeing, British Aerospace, Caterpillar,
DaimlerChrysler, Ericsson Telecom, Ford, GM, IBM, Lucent, Nokia, Qantas,
Ricoh, Sun Microsystems, International Thomson Publishing, United Airlines,
Volkswagen, Volvo and West Group. Arbortext is a founding member and active
participant in the XML Activity of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).
Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, Arbortext has offices around the

For more information please visit http://www.arbortext.com/.

Contact: 	Kevin Astle					PG Bartlett
	  	Text 100					Arbortext, Inc.
	  	+1 617.399.4902				+1 734.327.6819
	 	kevina@text100.com			pgb@arbortext.com

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