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Nicole Keating                          Lauren Arnold or John Moran
webMethods, Inc.                        Schwartz Communications, Inc.
703-460-5960                            781-684-0770
nkeating@webMethods.com         webMethods@schwartz-pr.com


New Solution Provides the Most Advanced Infrastructure for Companies to Effectively Build, Manage and Analyze B2B Trading Networks

FAIRFAX, Va.September 11, 2000webMethods, Inc. (Nasdaq: WEBM), the leading provider of business-to-business integration (B2Bi) solutions, today unveiled webMethods for Trading Networks, a software package that will provide Global 2000 companies and B2B marketplaces with a packaged infrastructure for building,
managing and analyzing B2B trading networks. With webMethods for Trading Networks, organizations now have a point-and-click solution for profiling partner interactions, defining document exchange, and establishing business process rules between companies. In addition, this next generation product offers operational and business-level views of the flow of information through the network, allowing companies to understand the business impact and R.O.I. of their entire range of B2Bi initiatives.

The explosive growth of B2B has created a demand for B2B e-commerce solutions
that support direct integration with trading partners, connectivity to industry leading marketplaces and development of extended trading networks. Now more than ever, companies need a scaleable way to build the necessary B2B infrastructure to manage their partners and the interactions between them, and to measure the
effectiveness of these interactions.

webMethods for Trading Networks solves this complex business problem by bundling a configurable trading network infrastructure with graphical monitoring, management and analysis tools. With streamlined profiling capabilities and robust operational management tools to maintain the health of the network,
webMethods for Trading Networks enables seamless integration of trading partners regardless of their level of technological sophistication. Additionally, webMethods for Trading Networks offers visibility into an organization’s trading
network processes and adds intelligence to their B2B initiatives through sophisticated data analysis.

“This innovative business solution is a direct result of webMethods listening to the needs of our more than 200 B2B customers,” said Kristin Weller, vice president, B2B Product Development, of webMethods, Inc. “We combined our B2B best practices with innovative architectures to create a solution that helps
remove complexity and drive forward the adoption of robust B2B trading networks.”

webMethods for Trading Networks has been “previewed” with webMethods customers: Eastman Chemical Company, Retek and Ventro.

“webMethods for Trading Networks packages our B2Bi infrastructure needs and allows us to better focus on the business aspects of our B2B initiatives,” said Bill Graham, program lead for Eastman Chemical Company’s Integrated Direct Initiatives.

“webMethods for Trading Networks integrated approach is unique and reflects substantive B2B experience.  Its blend of a packaged yet flexible solution nicely addresses the needs of advanced trading networks like retail.com,” said Morgan Day, vice president of development, e-Business at retail.com.

Features of webMethods for Trading Networks

webMethods for Trading Networks provides a comprehensive solution for building, managing and analyzing B2B trading networks. Key features of webMethods for Trading Networks include:

-- Trading Engine powers the transactional hub of the network and includes document recognition, validation, tracking, management, and digital signature verification.  In addition, the trading engine integrates partner preferences and constraints with the rules governing the processing of information. The trading engine’s optimized business processing allows companies to create
conversation independent, network-based workflows for business documents. One or multiple partner, document, or process attributes can be automatically inspected in real-time and utilized to dynamically route information through the network.

-- Internet-based Transaction Management provides a graphical user interface to manage and track a partner’s profile and business documents through the trading network. It also extends the reach of the trading network to all partners, regardless of their technical sophistication. Partners can integrate with the trading network through a wide range of options, from e-mail to a web browser to
a fully-integrated back-end solution. Trading partners can easily accomplish a variety of transaction management tasks, such as registering on the trading network, editing their trading partner profile, and viewing and creating transactions.

-- Trading Network Management allows trading hubs to effectively manage a network of thousands of trading partners through a graphical interface that provides intuitive information about transactions and trading partner “health” in real time. At-a-glance operational management views ensure maximum performance levels, and business analysis reports depict the latest trends flowing through the network. In addition to native reporting capabilities, an
open architecture allows third-party tools to be used to interpret and understand the data flowing through the trading network.

Pricing & Availability

webMethods for Trading Networks is priced on a per CPU basis with prices starting at $350,000 and will be generally available at the end of September. For more information about webMethods for Trading Networks, please visit http://www.webMethods.com or email info@webMethods.com.

webMethods provides a complete B2Bi solution that allows organizations to effectively realize their e-commerce strategies. The webMethods product family was designed to provide broad support for open standards and protocols, such as XML, RosettaNet, ebXML, FpML, cXML, xCBL, OBI, OAG, ACORD, BizTalk framework and
EDI. Through support of these standards, webMethods products provide seamless integration both within the enterprise and across the Internet to trading networks and B2B marketplaces.

About webMethods, Inc.

webMethods, Inc. (Nasdaq: WEBM) is the leading provider of software solutions for business-to-business integration (B2Bi). As the only company providing seamless B2Bi across the Internet and throughout the extended enterprise, webMethods provides Global 2000 companies and B2B marketplaces with a complete, end-to-end solution for integrating customers, suppliers and partners into real-
time B2B trading networks, while also increasing internal operational efficiencies. The webMethods product family allows companies to create new revenue opportunities, strengthen relationships with customers, substantially reduce supply chain inefficiencies and streamline internal
business processes.

Founded in 1996, webMethods is based in Fairfax, Va., with offices across the U.S., Europe and Asia. With an emphasis on key vertical markets such as chemicals, financial services, high-tech manufacturing and telecommunications, webMethods has more than 425 customers worldwide--from Global 2000 leaders such as Citibank, Dell, Eastman Chemical Company, Fidelity Investments, Grainger,
Motorola and Starbucks to major B2B marketplaces like ChemConnect, e-STEEL and Ventro. webMethods’ strategic partners include Ariba, Commerce One, Deloitte Consulting, EDS, i2 Technologies, J.D. Edwards, KPMG, Microsoft, Oracle Corp., SAP AG and Siebel. More information about the company can be found at www.webMethods.com.


webMethods and webMethods B2B are trademarks of webMethods, Inc. All other company and product names are property of their respective owners.

This press release contains various remarks about the future expectations, plans and prospects of webMethods that constitute forward-looking statements for purposes of the safe harbor provisions under The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. The actual results of webMethods may differ materially from
those indicated by these forward-looking statements as a result of various important factors, including those discussed in the Risk Factors section of webMethods’ recent Registration Statement on Form S-4 and the company’s annual report on form 10-K for the year ended March 31, 2000, which is on file with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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