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Subject: OASIS member news: Infoteria Announces iCONNECTOR 2.0

Infoteria Corporation Announces iCONNECTOR 2.0
New version provides better performance and easier integration with Visual Basic and Java;
Multi-database support is expanded

BOSTON, Mass.— Infoteria Corporation, the XML software company, announced today at XML World 2000 in Boston general availability of iCONNECTOR Version 2.0. iCONNECTOR 2.0, which provides bi-directional XML transformation, now includes enhanced features that improve performance and simplify development.  The new version will support IBM's DB2 in addition to Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Access, and Lotus Notes.

iCONNECTOR 2.0 extracts existing data in the form of XML and then stores XML data in any given database.  A graphical user interface (iRuleGenerator) supports mapping between any XML structure and database fields specifying the XML import/export rules.  The product is ideal for  multiple database environments; the same user interface can be used for a variety of platforms, therefore the developer needs only to become familiar with a single family of tools rather than disparate tools from multiple vendors.

Version 2.0 of iCONNECTOR includes several enhancements to improve execution and increase flexibility and ease-of-use.  In addition to being able to call iCONNECTOR as an executable with CGI scripts, iCONNECTOR 2.0 includes application programming interfaces (APIs) to support Java and Microsoft's Component Object Model (COM).  Using the iCONNECTOR COM component, Visual Basic applications and Active Server Pages can take advantage of iCONNECTOR 2.0 functionality.  By running as a service in the Windows environment, iCONNECTOR 2.0 will provide improved performance in high-volume applications.
The rule file syntax of iCONNECTOR 2.0 is now fully compliant with the W3C XSLT 1.0 recommendation.  In addition, iRuleGenerator has been improved to make it easier to specify SQL queries for XML-RDB definition mappings..

"Our customers and partners understand the importance of XML and its inter-relationship with existing database systems," commented Todd Headrick, Infoteria's chief technology officer in the U.S.  "Because we surveyed our user community before producing this next version, our iCONNECTOR 2.0 now offers the features and functionality necessary for their success."

The iCONNECTOR family of products supports the following databases: Oracle 7, Oracle 8, Oracle 8i, MS SQL 7.0, MS SQL 6.5, MS Access 2000, MS Access 97, Lotus Notes R4.6, and Lotus Notes R5.  iCONNECTOR is also compatible with DB2 V6, enabling companies using this database to take advantage of XML today without having to upgrade to IBM's latest version. iCONNECTOR 2.0 will be shipping within the next 30 days.  The iCONNECTOR family of products is priced on a per server basis; customers receive two licenses, one for testing and one for production environments with each server license.  For a detailed price quotation, please send an e-mail to sales@infoteria.com

About Infoteria Corporation
Infoteria Corporation is a leading software design and development company focused on building and selling XML-based B2B eCommerce solutions that intelligently and profitably connect buyers and sellers.  The corporation offers a wide range of XML software tools, components and products, as well as the services and training necessary to implement end-to-end XML-based customer solutions.  

Infoteria partners include IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Sun, Softbank, Toshiba Advanced Systems, Hitachi Systems and others.  Infoteria Corporation is a member of W3C and OASIS, with development centers in Tokyo and Boston. Additional information can be found on the web at http://www.infoteria.com and http://www.xml.com.

Company Contact:        Press Contact:
Steve Martin        Dana Erman
Infoteria Corporation        FitzGerald Communications Inc.
(978) 922-4029        (617) 494-9500
smartin@infoteria.com        derman@fitzgerald.com
www.infoteria.com        www.fitzgerald.com

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