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OASIS Members,

OASIS is proud to co-sponsor the following event:

Meta Data Europe 2000 Conference
co-located with
DAMA International Europe 2000 Conference: Data Management and Evolving
29 November - 1 December 2000
Millenium Gloucester Hotel, London
1195 + VAT

DAMA International has teamed up with IRM UK to provide Europe's most
authoritative Data Management conferences.  The Meta Data Europe 2000
Conference has been co-located with DAMA International's first European
Conference on 29 November - 1 December 2000 in London.  The theme of DAMA
International's conference will be on Data Management and Evolving Trends.

Data management professionals can stay on the cutting edge by learning from
the world's leading experts and practitioners from organisations such as
OASIS, Unisys (who will be drawing out a case study of the UK Police Force),
Longs Drugs Stores, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, Experian, Agilent
Commerce One Europe, Enterprise Warehousing Solutions and Business Rule
Solutions.  There will also be a case study based on a leading European bank
which both defined a reference model to help them choose tools and a
repository, but also set about the task of automating tool and repository

The Meta Data Conference will focus on the practicalities of meta data
management.  The conference will be concentrating on some new exciting uses
for meta data.  It will be looking at meta data in supporting EAI, B2B
communication, e-commerce and C2B communication , as well as meta data in
supporting artificial intelligence  and parameter driven, rule based, end
user processing.  The programme also includes a paper on the use of meta
data for a new type of data warehousing - involving document and image
warehousing and classification.

The conference will continue to explore the theme of tools for meta data.
Papers will discuss the challenges of implementing a repository  -
particularly given the rise of XML - the difficulties of keeping the many
repositories used to support the various applications in step, and a paper
on how population of repositories can be automated.

The standards for meta data will be discussed.  Speakers will be comparing
and contrasting XML with the other standards, showing how they can co-exist
and also helping to explain the myriad of associated standards - RDF, XSL,
initiatives such as the XML MetaData Interchange, and industry initiatives
such as Biztalk.

The theme of DAMA International's first European Conference is on 'Data
Management and Evolving Trends'.  The conference will discuss the practical
aspects of understanding and managing the data resource to support the
information needs of the organisation. The emphasis is on approaches,
lessons learned, and success stories with current trends in data resource
management.    Just some of the topics that will be discussed are Enterprise
Architecture, Business Rules, Data Mining, XML, Enterprise Portal, Data
Quality and UML.

Delegates will be able to choose from sessions on Meta Data and from the
DAMA conference programme.  All delegates will receive documentation for
both conferences.

There are also exhibition and sponsorship opportunities available at the
conference.  For further information, please e-mail jeremy.hall@irmuk.co.uk
or call +44 (0) 20 8866 8366.

For further information about the conference or to register, please visit

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