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Subject: XMLSolutions Joins UDDI Standards Project


XMLSolutions Joins industry leaders in Project
 to accelerate Internet commerce

UDDI Standards Project to Provide Universal Specifications and Business 

McLean, VA, October 3, 2000 - XMLSolutions Corporation, a worldwide provider 
of software for the development and deployment of XML-based applications, 
today announced its endorsement and participation in the Universal Description, 
Discovery and Integration (UDDI) Project.  

The UDDI Project is a cross-industry initiative proposed by over 30 companies 
including IBM, Microsoft and Ariba. The project is designed to accelerate 
and broaden business-to-business integration and commerce on the Internet. 
 The goal of the UDDI Project is to create the basic infrastructure for 
Internet transactions and services through a two-step process: defining 
a platform-neutral set of specifications to enable businesses to describe 
themselves and indicate their preferred means of conducting e-commerce 
transactions; and placing this information in an open, universally accessible 
business registry.

Speaking about the UDDI Project at the eBusiness Integration Conference 
currently underway in San Francisco, Scott Cosby, Marketing Manager on 
e-business Technologies for IBM, said, "There is a tremendous amount of 
momentum behind UDDI.  We are looking forward to XMLSolutions' participation 
in UDDI as we evolve the specification to foster the next generation of 

The UDDI Project utilizes industry standards such as XML and HTTP in setting 
the universal specifications that will permit dynamic business interaction 
over the Internet.  Regardless of underlying platform, specific business 
application or marketplace, standards such as XML will enable direct computer-to-computer 
transactions via the Internet.  XMLSolutions is a registered participant 
in the UDDI Project.

 "XMLSolutions is fully committed to the collaborative efforts of the UDDI 
Project," said JP Morgenthal, CTO of XMLSolutions.  "Our mission to provide 
universal support of procurement activities and business-to-business information 
interchange dovetails with the goal of the UDDI Project. We both recognize 
that platform neutrality and open access to information are essential to 
the growth of Internet commerce and Web services."

About XMLSolutions Corporation
XMLSolutions Corporation (www.xmls.com) enables the secure, real-time B2B 
exchange of direct materials transactions over the Internet.  By eliminating 
a company's EDI and XML dialect dependencies, XMLSolutions removes trade 
barriers, enabling uniform transactions among customers, exchanges, and 
trading partners of all sizes.  The XMLSolutions integrated solution includes 
support for XML-to-XML transformations; EDI-to-XML translation; and over 
3000 mission-critical, industry-specific EDI business documents.

XMLSolutions is headquartered in Northern Virginia's technology corridor 
with offices in Atlanta; Charlotte; Chicago; New York; San Francisco; Bangalore, 
India; Seoul, Korea; South Africa; The Netherlands; Denmark; Austria; Sweden; 
Switzerland; Belgium; Germany; France; Italy; Spain; and the United Kingdom.

Susan Lee Butts Peter Arnold Associates One Hollis Street Wellesley, MA 
02482 Phone: 781-239-1030 Fax: 781-239-1204 Susan@parnold.com	Lisa Faust 
XMLSolutions Corporation 7929 Westpark Drive, Suite 100 McLean, VA 22102 
Phone: 703-506-1111 Fax: 703-556-9602 Lisa.Faust@xmls.com	

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