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Subject: Vordel implements billing mediation solution for telecommunicationsindustry using TalkXML

Vordel implements billing mediation solution for telecommunications
operator eircom using TalkXML

Dublin, Ireland – October 3 2000 – Vordel, the leading supplier of XML based
B2B tools and applications to enable cohesion within a business network,
announced today the successful implementation of an XML based on-line call
record presentation and enquiry service for Ireland's largest telecoms
operator – eircom (NYSE:EIR;Dublin:eircom).

According to Vordel's Technical Director, Mark O'Neill: "Vordel's TalkXML
solution for eircom involves user authentication via SSL with an LDAP
directory, with the option of authenticating with digital certificates.
Given the sensitive nature of the information being accessed and the
capability provided to manipulate and datamine the information to present
statistical trend analysis, only eircom account managers and authorised
individuals within an eircom customer organisation are permitted access.
The TalkXML solution manages the process of authentication and validation
of digital certificates from authorised users as well as facilitating the
conversion of data into an XML format. Vordel specified and implemented
a robust database platform to store and process the large datasets
involved in this project."

Stefan Albertsson, Capability Manager eircom CRM Programme, said: "We
identified Vordel as providing a scalable solution for the specific
objective of presenting the eircom customer call record information in a
format for integration with eircom's call record logging system. The project
parameters required that searches were fast and accurate.

Andrew Barling, Channel Manager at eircom's Corporate Business Unit
expressed his satisfaction with the solution, stating: "The recent
implementation by Vordel enables eircom to provide its corporate
customers with a powerful, online, call record analysis facility, that
allows for secure, online analysis and usage monitoring.
This development is a major step in eircom's policy to move more and
more of our services to an online environment, thereby empowering our
customers and saving them both time and money."

About eircom

eircom is Ireland's leading provider of local, long distance and
international telecommunications services, including mobile communications
and data communications services. Since 1984, eircom has invested over
IR£3billion in its infrastructure, giving the company one of the most
advanced networks in Europe. The company continues to broaden its
portfolio of services through increasing both the range and sophistication
of the services it offers, thereby increasing the benefits to customers.
Over the coming years, the company will add to the range of services
that allow customers take advantage of the intelligence inherent in the
digital technology that forms the backbone of its network.
Web address: www.eircom.ie

About Vordel
Vordel is a leading provider of fast track B2B solutions.  Vordel’s product
range, Talk XML, delivers a powerful suite of applications that enables an
enterprise to easily establish cohesive, secure communication channels to
any organisation in its B2B business network.

This comprehensive suite of software products and bespoke business solutions
combine to create a fully interoperable, secure and trusted environment for

Vordel's software products use the latest XML technology to achieve total
inter-operability between business networks. Vordel facilitates the creation
of trusted, XML-based solutions for business-to-business eCommerce
activities and transactions.

Vordel is headquartered in Dublin; currently employs 25 people and has
partners in Ireland, the UK and USA. For more information visit our website
at www.vordel.com

Press Contact: 	 Hugh Carroll
			+353 1 215 3333

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