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Subject: XMLSolutions Enables Envera to Integrate Tradion Partners


Envera eBusiness Hub Goes Live with XML Mapping and XML-to-EDI 
Bi-Directional Translation Technology 

McLean, VA  October 4, 2000   XMLSolutions Corporation, a leading worldwide 
provider of software for conducting XML-based direct materials procurement, 
joined the many chemical industry members of Envera Corporation in announcing 
the successful launch of the Envera eBusiness hub, a global electronic 
marketplace for B2B transactions and services in the petroleum and chemicals 
industries.  Since April, XMLSolutions has been working with Envera Corporation 
on the planning, architecture, development, and deployment of an XML-based 
prototype for the Envera eBusiness hub.  XMLSolutions is also providing 
both the bi-directional XML-to-EDI translation capabilities and the XML-to-XML 
mapping technology for Envera's marketplace. 

"The key to the utility of any electronic marketplace is its ability to 
integrate a wide array of partners and XML standards," said Ron Shelby, 
CEO of XMLSolutions.  "Our mapping and translation technologies will enable 
both large and small trading partners within this vertical marketplace 
to conduct business over the Internet."

Consultants from XMLSolutions have been involved with virtually every phase 
of the development of the Envera eBusiness hub.  Not only have they provided 
technology enabling the bi-directional translations of EDI and XML documents, 
but XMLSolutions' XML-to-XML mapping capabilities are helping the Envera 
eBusiness hub encourage participation through the seamless integration 
of disparate documents and electronic standards.  XMLSolutions has also 
provided a critical role in the early beta testing and electronic bonding 
of the first companies choosing to use the Envera marketplace.

"Today's launch would not have been possible were it not for XMLSolutions," 
said Robert Mooney, CEO of Envera Corporation.  "We are grateful for their 
early work in helping us plan and build our marketplace.  The technology 
solutions offered by XMLSolutions helped take the capabilities of our electronic 
clearinghouse to the next level." 

Industry analysts have pointed to tremendous efficiencies generated by 
e-marketplaces in a variety of functional business areas, including human 
resource management, procurement and IT.  According to analysts at Legg 
Mason Wood Walker, Inc., a number of vertical industries, including both 
petrochemicals and energy in particular, are poised to reap the advantages 
of these efficiencies.  Additionally, Forrester Research has projected 
an over 400 percent increase in B2B eCommerce volume over the next two 
years within the petrochemical industry alone. 

Envera's October launch begins with ERP and EDI integrated connections 
between Envera's member companies to enable the transaction process utilized 
in the chemical industry today.  The transaction documents include purchase 
order, order acknowledgement and receipt, shipping notice, certificate 
of analysis and change order processes.  Envera's phase two service offerings 
include logistics and financial service provider connectivity, freight 
forwarding, supplier managed inventory, bill of lading and company internal 

"Clearly, the vision of Envera's 'eBusiness FOR Business, B4B,' provides 
benefit for both customers and suppliers," stated  Rich Chvala, Envera's 
Chief Marketing Officer.

About Envera Corporation
Envera is the member-driven eB4B service accelerating business efficiency 
for the chemical and petroleum industries. Envera is the first company 
within its industry to implement a neutral and transparent facilitator 
of business transactions, through which companies communicate seamlessly 
and in real time. The reality of Envera's conflict-free transaction exchange, 
which serves entire supply chains, is effectively redefining the business-to-business 
concept as business-for-business. Visit Envera via its Web site at envera.com 
or call 1-888-ENVERA1.

About XMLSolutions Corporation
XMLSolutions Corporation (www.xmls.com) enables the secure, real-time B2B 
exchange of direct materials transactions over the Internet.  By eliminating 
a company's EDI and XML dialect dependencies, XMLSolutions removes trade 
barriers, enabling uniform transactions among customers, exchanges, and 
trading partners of all sizes.  The XMLSolutions integrated solution includes 
support for XML-to-XML transformations; EDI-to-XML translation; and over 
3000 mission-critical, industry-specific EDI business documents.

XMLSolutions is headquartered in Northern Virginia's technology corridor 
with offices in Atlanta; Charlotte; Chicago; New York; San Francisco; Bangalore, 
India; Seoul, Korea; South Africa; The Netherlands; Denmark; Austria; Sweden; 
Switzerland; Belgium; Germany; France; Italy; Spain; and the United Kingdom.

Dennis O'Connor Peter Arnold Associates (for XMLSolutions) One Hollis Street 
Wellesley, MA 02482 Phone: 781-239-1030 Fax: 781-239-1204 Dennis@parnold.com 
  Rich Chvala Envera Corporation Phone: 804-788-5667 Email: rchvala@envera.com 
	Lisa Faust XMLSolutions Corporation 7929 Westpark Drive, Suite 100 McLean, 
VA 22102 Phone: 703-506-1111 Fax: 703-556-9602 Lisa.Faust@xmls.com 	

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