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Subject: Vordel joins WISeKey Expert Group

Vordel to join the WISekey Expert Group to provide efficient and
effective business processes for the  ECommercePKI portals based
on trust services from WISEKey ROOT CA and products from
Baltimore Technologies

Geneva, Switzerland – 5 October 2000 - The World Internet Secure Key
WISeKey, the world’s largest Public Key Infrastructure and Global Common
ROOT service, today announced collaboration with Vordel, the leading
provider of XML based B2B tools and applications to enable cohesion within
business networks.

As B2B e-commerce becomes more widespread, standardisation and security
have evolved as the critical requirements in achieving seamless
communications between trading partners. A key requirement for application
developers is to provide solutions that allow different user groups to
communicate on the Internet in a secure environment with minimum disruption
to their existing infrastructure.

Vordel is the leading provider of PKI enabled applications and tools for
designing, distributing and managing forms and documents in a B2B network.
Vordel's TalkXML suite uses eXtensible Markup Language (XML) – the standard
business language of the Internet – to create business forms that can be
read by any XML-enabled application or application server. These forms
are made secure and legally binding by use of a PKI. TalkXML has been
developed with end-user ease-of-use a priority; the intuitive interfaces
shield the use from the complexities of these technologies.

ECommercePKI.com is set to provide security for e-commerce portals based on
trust services from WISEKey ROOT CA and products from Baltimore Technologies
(NASDAQ:BALT; London:BLM). ECommercePKI.com, which is based at the World
Trade Center Geneva, is a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) that provides a
secure transaction infrastructure for B2B trade communities. It will be
fully launched at the WISeWorld 2000 Conference in Geneva the 27th November

ECommercePKI provides facilities for organizations to register themselves
through the WISeKey Network of registration authorities and will issue
digital certificates to the organizations. It brings together a range of
technology systems from leading vendors such as Baltimore Technologies,
Oracle, OCTREE Technologies, Rainbow, Valicert, MCI WorldCom, UNNEt,
Hewlett Packard, WISekey, Entegrity Solution, Celocom and Datamatics.

ECommercePKI provides the e-security for the GECPortal.com, a leading
E-Commerce Portal with over 7 million companies from 90 countries as
members, and performing over 1000 transactions a day. Through its Web
portal, GECportal.com provides e-commerce attribute services to users in
more than 185 countries, allowing certified users to use digital signatures
to trade securely. The main objective of GECPortal.com is to create
markets on the Net by bringing together fragmented groups of
international enterprises (buyers and sellers online) - quicker, securely,
and more cost-efficient than ever before. The GECPortal uses unique
technology to interconnect PKI to Vertical Market Portals, bringing
certified users to transact securely in all major product and service
groups listed in the World Custom Organization Harmonized System.

The EcommercePKI provides Bronze, Silver and Gold services. Bronze is the
entry level service. There is no upfront cost except for the cost of
standard PCs with Web Browsers and Internet access. A number of
Registration Officers within the Registration Organisation are given the
ability to access a Web-based registration server. The registration server
is run by WISeKey and may be shared by a number of Registration
Organisations. Silver is the mid-level service. Registration Organisations
have their own RA and associated Web-based registration servers.
There is therefore an upfront cost. Gold is the top level service.
Registration Organisations have their own CA.

By leveraging the possibilities of secured XML forms, companies can
streamline business processes whilst realising an enhanced return on
investment. With their back-office systems XML-enabled, it makes sense for
these companies to communicate using XML documents with their
business network as well.

Vordel's software suite enables companies to design, distribute and manage
graphical forms that are then implemented in their business network. The
opportunity for cost saving has been dramatic and the potential applications
almost unlimited. Digitally signed and secured XML can be used in any
business for purchase requisitions processing, credit checks, handling
legal forms, making bookings - such as flights - and medical lookup forms.
In addition toform-based communication, automatic transmission of XML
documents in amachine-to-machine environment is possible by using
Vordel’s TalkXMLAutolink.

"Whilst Wisekey provides an extensive security framework, Vordel’s TalkXML
product suite delivers business focused solutions that meet real
business requirements", said David Ryan, CEO, Vordel.
“ A fundamental requirement for successful B2B commerce is the ability to
transfer standardized, legally binding documents securely and easily between
businesses. Businesses must be able to share authenticated forms and
documents safely and they must be sure that the transaction process is
enhanced by the software, not hampered. Vordel's TalkXML suite provides
the necessary cohesive functionality to make true B2B communications a

Vordel's TalkXML provides a business with a comprehensive solution and
simple migration path to quickly establish effective and trusted
communications with your business partners. Vordel's software supports
the use of smart cards for authenticating users of the TalkXML Viewer and
TalkXML Editor applications.
This ensures that the user is not limited to one PC, and their private key
is not resident on a hard drive. The use of smart cards is not mandatory but
may be a desirable option for increased security.

Using the TalkXML Autolink, an automated client application can be deployed.
This automates the entire XML-based business-to-business process,
incorporating signing and encryption. This is useful for solutions that
require the secure transmission of data between enterprises, without the
use of forms.

Vordel's software suite provides a secure XML-based alternative to an
HTML-to-CGI architecture. It provides a full audit trail of digitally signed
documents, while speeding up the implementation and customization process
through the use of XML.

About WISeKey

WISeKey is a privately owned company based in Geneva, Switzerland that
provides Root Certification Authority services to Certification Authorities
worldwide. The trustworthiness of WISeKey's services is based on their
carefully orchestrated security practices and procedures used exclusively
for the issuance of high-security certificates to Certification Authorities
and other entities that form part of the operational services of the
globally interoperable PKIs below it. As part of WISeKey's security
procedures, the Global Root Private Cryptographic Key used to issue
certificates is stored in an off-line high-security facility deep in the
Swiss Alps.

With such high-security infrastructure in place, WISeKey has signed a
partnership agreement with the International Telecommunications Union
(ITU) to promote the deployment of PKIs in 188 countries with the intention
of expanding the use of secure electronic communications.  In doing so,
WISeKey is also providing e-commerce solutions based on the mass usage
of certification and PKI enabled applications to secure the Internet for
This approach changes the entire dynamics of how the Internet is used and
will propel its transactional-based usage into the 21st century.
For further information visit www.wisekey.com.

About Vordel

Vordel is a leading provider of XML-based tools and applications to enable
cohesion within business networks. Vordel's product range, Talk XML,
delivers a powerful suite of applications that enables an enterprise to
easily establish secure communication channels to any organisation in
its B2B business network.

The comprehensive suite of software products and bespoke business solutions
combine to create a fully interoperable, secure and legally binding trusted
eCommerce environment on the Internet for all companies.

Vordel's software products use the latest XML technology to achieve total
inter-operability between business networks. Vordel facilitates the creation
of legally binding, forms-based solutions for business-to-business
eCommerce activities and transactions.

Vordel is headquartered in Dublin; currently employs 25 people and has
partners in Ireland, UK, and the US.
For further information visit: www.vordel.com

Press Contact at Vordel
Hugh Carroll
Tel: +353 215 3333
Email: info@vordel.com

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