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Subject: CALL FOR PRESENTATION ---- XML Developers' Day --- FIRST and LAST CALL

Subject: First/last call for XML2000 Dev Day 2000.12.04

This is the first, last, and only call for presentations on XML
Developers' Day at XML 2000.  The deadline for submissions is
Monday, 23 October.

Since 1984, the fall GCA SGML/XML conference has been the one
annual must-attend event for the structured markup community.  XML
was first introduced to the world at this conference in 1996, and
the event continues to be a focal point for meetings of
XML-related OASIS, W3C, IDEAlliance, and ISO working groups.  For
information on the conference, held this year in Washington, D.C.,


XML Developers' Day on Monday 4 December is intended for
conference attendees with a special interest in the latest XML
tools and advanced techniques.  If you have applications that
feature innovative uses of XML, this is your chance to share your
accomplishments with other advanced workers.

Proposals of 1-3 paragraphs clearly describing the presentation
should be sent in plain text directly to the chair of the XML Dev
Day track, Jon Bosak:


Remember, submissions must be mailed no later than Monday, 23
October 2000.


If you don't follow these guidelines, you don't stand a chance of
being considered.

   1. All submissions must be in plain text.  If it's clear from
      your submission that you don't understand what this means or
      that you don't know what your mailer is producing, you will
      automatically be considered to have insufficient expertise
      to be presenting in this track.

   2. Submissions must come directly from the presenter, not the
      presenter's admin, boss, or marketing department.

   3. Submissions must include a short title suitable for the
      conference program and web site.

   4. The description of the proposed presentation must be brief
      but detailed enough to serve as the presentation abstract on
      the conference program and web site.

Because Dev Day is specially intended to showcase the latest
developments, we do not require presentations to be submitted in
advance.  However, presenters whose proposals are accepted must be
prepared to submit their presentation in electronic form
immediately following their appearance at the conference.

The use of XML in electronic commerce is of particular interest
this year, and detailed technical presentations on this subject
will be given special attention.

Marion L. Elledge
Senior VP/IT
Graphic Communications Association 


Check out the upcoming GCA/IT events:

XML 2000
December 3-8
Washington DC

Knowledge Technologies 2001
Austin Convention Center
Austin TX
March 4-7, 2001

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