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Subject: JP Morgenthal Authors Book For Prentice Hall/Charles Goldfarb XMLSeries



XMLSolutions' CTO Writes Enterprise Application Integration with XML and 
Java, 1/e

MCLEAN, VA, OCTOBER 12, 2000 -- JP Morgenthal, Chief Technology Officer 
at XMLSolutions Corporation and an industry expert on application integration 
and the internet, database middleware, and e-business, has written a guide 
to EAI with XML. Titled Enterprise Application Integration with XML and 
Java, 1/e, it is published by Prentice Hall PTR (ECS Professional); New 
York, New York, July 2000 ($44.95).

Morgenthal was among the first to accurately predict the importance of 
metadata and XML to application integration as the "forthcoming metadata 
revolution." In a 1997 report, he predicted, "Today's middleware is designed 
to bring interoperability to existing applications in a heterogeneous environment. 
While necessary, it will eventually succumb toa more dynamic medium for 
data interchange [which] can start to be seen in the Internet using open 
protocols. Here the two most important technologies for the next generation 
middleware exists  Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and Extensible Markup 
Language (XML)."

This latest volume in the Prentice Hall/Charles Goldfarb XML Series details 
high-value solutions for integrating enterprise and legacy systems, XML, 
Enterprise Java, APIs, as well as techniques for building flexible, extensible 
EAI solutions with easy-to-read, fully-documented code throughout.  Dr. 
Goldfarb notes, "With this book and XML, you can integrate your applications 
without converting the code!"  Dr. Goldfarb coined the term "markup language" 
in 1970, and co-invented SGML, the international standard on which both 
XML and HTML are based. 

The book's audience ranges from technical managers planning for enterprise 
application integration to Java developers tasked with delivering it. Enterprise 
application integration (EAI) links diverse applications, platforms, and 
operating systems to work as one. Platform-independent Java is a powerful 
tool for building EAI applications; XML adds the missing link: robust mechanisms 
to exchange data with non-Java applications. Morgenthal addresses:

Why XML is such a powerful EAI infrastructure solution 
Key requirements for sharing and exchanging data 
Building robust, high-performance Java applications for parsing and processing 
XML documents 
Moving data between Java and non-Java applications 
Integrating XML with relational databases 
Serializing Java objects into XML, and asynchronous messaging with XML 

Providing convenient references to XML 1.0 grammar and the W3C Document 
Object Model
The book includes a CD-ROM containing extensive source code from the book, 
plus a library of leading-edge software and trialware, including: Bluestone 
Visual-XML desktop XML development environment; IBM XML4J Java-based parser; 
and Push-technologies SpiritWAVE2 implementation of the Java Messaging 

Morgenthal's 15-year career in information technology spans software development, 
corporate development, industry analysis, and contract development. He 
is the author of articles on the B2B and ASP marketplaces, as well as numerous 
XML and Java white papers, and has served as consultant to Global 1000 
corporations in the financial, aerospace, and high tech industries. In 
1996, Morgenthal founded and was President of NC.Focus, an analyst firm 
serving the needs of the distributed applications marketplace.

In addition, Morgenthal has developed transaction-oriented middleware for 
large and mid-sized corporations' mission-critical systems serving the 
financial industry; designed and coded financial SWAPs systems, a real-time 
trading network for a foreign exchange, and a distributed bond calculation 
server. He has been a project manager developing complex network-related 
software packages for Optel Communications and Cheyenne Software, where 
he led the team that built Monitrix, a Netware network monitoring tool.

About XMLSolutions Corporation
XMLSolutions Corporation (www.xmls.com) enables the secure, real-time B2B 
exchange of direct materials transactions over the Internet.  By eliminating 
a company's EDI and XML dialect dependencies, XMLSolutions removes trade 
barriers, enabling uniform transactions among customers, exchanges, and 
trading partners of all sizes.  The XMLSolutions integrated solution includes 
support for XML-to-XML transformations; EDI-to-XML translation; and over 
3000 mission-critical, industry-specific EDI business documents.

XMLSolutions is headquartered in Northern Virginia's technology corridor 
with offices in Atlanta; Charlotte; Chicago; New York; San Francisco; Bangalore, 
India; Seoul, Korea; South Africa; The Netherlands; Denmark; Austria; Sweden; 
Switzerland; Belgium; Germany; France; Italy; Spain; and the United Kingdom.

For more information, contact:
Bill Costley			
Peter Arnold Associates		
One Hollis Street		 
Wellesley, MA 02482		
Phone: 781-239-1030
Fax: 781-239-1204

XMLSolutions Sales Department
877-XML-XMLS (877-965-9657)
McLean, VA

Mark L. Taub
Pearson Technology Group Interactive
(201) 236-7115

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