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Subject: Oasis member news-Annual XyEnterprise Users Conference Attracts Over150 Customers

XyEnterprise Press Release
Annual XyEnterprise Users Conference Attracts Over 150 Customers

New XyEnterprise XML products highlighted; Larry Porter of Underwriters
Laboratories elected president of the XyUsers Group

READING, MA - October 16, 2000 - Xyvision Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (XyEnterpr
ise), a leading developer of XML content management and publishing software,
announced the culmination of the Annual XyUsers Conference in Orlando,
Florida. This year's much anticipated event brought together representatives
of the XyEnterprise management team and staff with nearly 160 active customers
from around the world. 

Topics addressed at this years conference included using XML and SGML
in a cross-media publishing environment, updates to XyEnterprise's Content@,
Content@XML (formerly Parlance Content Manager) and XML Professional Publisher
(XPP) software, as well as expert panel discussions on XML, SGML, and
dynamic content delivery. Customers shared success stories based on their
use of XyEnterprise applications for mission critical structured data
applications while the XyEnterprise staff also shared their expertise
in defining creative data models that leverage re-use and automation in
a production environment. These sessions provided a forum for XyUsers
to share information on how to create compelling content management and
publishing solutions that increase efficiency and provide new opportunities
for revenue generation.

A highlight of this year's agenda was the annual XyVisionary Awards Banquet
where the XyUsers Group board of directors recognizes the achievements
of the group's members. This year's Best of Show Award winners were Anymedia,
Sweden (XML Professional Publisher) and Facts and Comparison, St. Louis,
MO (Content@XML). Other category winners included R.R. Donnelley, Thomas
Technology Solutions and Underwriters Laboratories. Entries were received
by many customers and showcased the use of Content@XML and XPP in a wide
variety of enterprise applications such as aerospace documentation, web
and cross-media delivery, and financial printing.

"This years conference was extremely positive. Our customer base is very
excited about the company's focus, direction and new products," said Kevin
Duffy, president and CEO of XyEnterprise. "I had a wonderful time catching
up with so many familiar faces and having the opportunity to meet so many
new customers and attendees. It is always enjoyable and rewarding to hear
how customers are utilizing our solutions and recognizing true business

"Having been a long time group member and user of XyEnterprise's products,
it is truly an honor to be elected president of the XyUsers Group," said
Larry Porter, of Underwriters Laboratories and new president of the XyUsers
Group. "In today's day and age, it is not often that you see a group of
customers so loyal to a company and a company so dedicated to its customers."

About Content@, Content@XML and XML Professional Publisher
Content@ is a powerful content and document management application that
manages source data in a structured environment while providing users
the ability to continue using common desktop applications such as Microsoft
Word. Content@ seamlessly manages document objects or entire files, while
providing a secure and flexible workflow environment. Content@ provides
a quick and cost-effective method of employing a structured content management
and workflow solution that remains scaleable to meet the growing and changing
needs of organizations.

Content@XML employs the same powerful content management engine as Content@
but harnesses the power and flexibility of XML in a comprehensive data
management, re-use, and workflow application. Supporting many popular
XML editing applications, Content@XML manages structured XML and SGML
source data at varying levels of granularity from individual objects to
entire collections of content. It also provides data management support
for graphics, text, audio, and visual content. Content@XML offers extensive
project-centric workflow and supports metadata from a wide variety of
sources. This powerful and scaleable content management solution is designed
for organizations that require an efficient and effective method of creating,
managing, assembling, and delivering XML and SGML content in a multi-channel
publishing environment.

XML Professional Publisher is a high performance content formatting and
publishing application that composes pages from XML source data and outputs
high quality results in XML, PDF, HTML and traditional postscript. XML
Professional Publisher provides superior XML and typographic support combined
with a level of speed, power and throughput that is unattainable in other
publishing systems.

About XyEnterprise
With headquarters in Reading, Mass., Xyvision Enterprise Solutions, Inc.
(XyEnterprise), provides organizations of all sizes with content and document
management solutions that streamline the information creation and delivery
process. XyEnterprise combines its own XML content management, workflow
and publishing software with integration services to build enterprise
wide solutions for the collaborative creation, management, assembly, and
multi-channel distribution of information. Its customer base includes
industry-leading companies in the aerospace, automotive, telecommunications,
standards and publishing markets. These customers include Boeing, IBM,
Gulfstream, Telcordia, Sun Microsystems, Lucent, ASTM, and many others.
For more information, please contact XyEnterprise at 781.756.4400 or

#     #     #

Xyvision, XyEnterprise, XPP, Content@, Content@ XML, and XML Professional
Publisher are trademarks or registered trademarks of Xyvision Enterprise
Solutions, Inc.

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