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Subject: WorX SE Plans Great Visibility at XML 2000 in Washington D.C.

For immediate release						October 26,
WorX SE Plans Great Visibility at XML 2000 in Washington D.C.

CHICAGO, IL - October 26, 2000 - HyperVision, Ltd. is pleased to have the
opportunity for WorX SE to be used for paper submissions for the upcoming
tradeshow, XML 2000 in Washington D.C.  Individuals submitting papers to XML
2000 are given the choice between authoring with HyperVision, Ltd.'s WorX SE
and SoftQuad's XMetaL.  WorX SE allows users to prepare structured documents
in Microsoft Word and store them as well-formed Extensible Markup Language
(XML(tm)) documents.  By allowing users to work in a familiar environment,
such as Word, WorX SE provides comfort in structured authoring.  This
comfort within Word is the reason for such enthusiasm over WorX SE.

Additionally, Pradeep Jain, CTO for HyperVision, Ltd. will present a paper
on Creating XML from Microsoft Word - The Challenges of Authoring XML
Conference Proceedings, Tuesday December 5th at 4:00 PM.   The session
focuses on WorX SE, the authoring tool used to create the XML 2000
conference proceedings in XML. The session will also describe some of the
advantages in using Microsoft Word for creating XML documents. There will
also be an overview of the internals and the technologies used in WorX SE.
For more information on the Conference, please visit the website,

HyperVision, Ltd. will also be exhibiting at XML 2000.  The newest
innovations of WorX SE will be demonstrated during the exposition.  To learn
more about HyperVision and WorX SE please visit us at booth #110.   You can
see a live demo of the newest features and functionalities of WorX SE.  The
exposition times for XML 2000 are: Tuesday, December 5th 12:30pm to 7pm,
Wednesday, December 6th 10:30am to 7pm, and Thursday December 7th 9am to
12:30pm.  For additional information on HyperVision and WorX SE, please
visit our website at, www.hvltd.com. 

About HyperVision, Ltd.

HyperVision, Ltd. has been delivering high-end information strategies and
consulting services since it's incorporation in 1988.  Most of these
services have focused on the enhancement of content-development business
activities.  Since its inception, HyperVision, Ltd has worked closely with
the California Legislative Data Center, providing a variety of software
solutions in support of legacy and new applications.  During the past 3
years, one such activity led to the evolution of the WorX technology.
HyperVision, Ltd. evolved the initial technology developed for California
into a generic solution applicable to the broad cross-section of original
content authors. This new generic offering of WorX Technology has rapidly
become the most sophisticated XML authoring addition to Microsoft Word
available in the market today.  With these achievements, HyperVision, Ltd.
has committed its efforts and focus to the ongoing development, and
distribution of innovative XML authoring solutions contributing to maximum
content richness.

For more information, pricing, or a demonstration of WorX SE, please

Jennifer Parkes
Marketing Associate
HyperVision Ltd.
230 E. Ohio, Suite 210
Chicago IL, 60611
Phone: 312-274-1206
Fax: 312-274-1228
www.hvltd.com 					###

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