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Subject: OASIS EVENT NEWS: XML DevCon 2000 Panel to Discuss Web Services, UDDI,ebXML, and Trading Partner Agreements

For Immediate Release

XML DevCon 2000 Panel to Discuss Web Services, UDDI, ebXML, and Trading
Partner Agreements
New York, NY - October 30, 2000 - Besides speaking appearances from industry
icons such as Charles Goldfarb, Jim Gray, Don Chamberlin, Tim Bray, and
Norbert Mikula, SYS-CON Media and Camelot Communications announced XML
DevCon 2000 in San Jose, California will feature three panel discussions:

1. Tim Bray, Paul Brown, Peter Coffee, Kevin Dick, Jim Gray, and Norbert
Mikula will discuss The Future of Software Development in a keynote panel
moderated by Ken North. The panel runs from 10:40-11:40 am on Tuesday,
November 14.

2. Several members of the W3C XML Schema Working Group will participate in
Schema Schism: A Dialogue with the Experts, a panel discussion from
9:30-10:30 am on November 15. Lauren Wood will moderate a panel that
includes Henry Thompson, Matthew Fuchs, Jonathan Robie, and Simon

3. The conference recently added an expert panel to discuss Web Services,
UDDI, ebXML and Trading Partner Agreements from 10:40-11:40 am on Wednesday,
November 15. The panel includes Mark Colan (XML Evangelist for IBM), Michael
Abbott (Vice President of Engineering for Electron Economy), and James
Tauber (Director of XML Technology, Bowstreet). Tauber is a member of the
UDDI Advisory Board, the W3C XML Protocols Working Group, and Chair of the
Directory Services Markup Language (DSML) Working Group.
XML DevCon Fall 2000 to be held November 12-15, 2000 at the San Jose
DoubleTree Hotel is expected to play host XML enthusiasts from around the
world, including programmers, developers, engineers, software architects,
system engineers, Web developers, product managers, project leaders,
consultants and educators. Updates on the event may be found at
www.xmldevcon2000.com <http://www.xmldevcon2000.com>.

"We’ve assembled a world-class faculty for XML DevCon Fall 2000 to present a
superlative technical program that focuses on enterprise XML. The roster of
speakers includes 33 authors and the pioneers who created markup languages
and SQL. We also have eBusiness experts and people such as Tim Bray, Henry
Thompson, and a dozen others whose work in the W3C has given us important
XML specifications. Simply put, we’ve assembled an unprecedented dream-team
lineup of speakers. XML DevCon’s technical program and interactive exhibit
floor will continue to set the standard in conference education for the
software development community." said Ken North, Conference Chair.

About SYS-CON Media - SYS-CON, recently named as the fastest-growing,
privately held publishing company in America by Inc. 500, is the world’s
leading publisher exclusively serving Internet technology markets. The
publications currently include Java Developer’s Journal
(www.javadevelopersjournal.com), Java Buyer’s Guide
(www.javabuyersguide.com), XML-Journal (www.xml-journal.com ), XML Buyer’s
Guide (www.xmlbuyersguide.com), ColdFusion Developer’s Journal
(www.coldfusionjournal.com), JBuilder Developer’s Journal
(www.jbuilderjournal.com), PowerBuilder Developer’s Journal
(www.powerbuilderjournal.com) and Tango Developer’s Journal
(www.tangojournal.com). SYS-CON today reaches close to half a million
Internet technology professionals each month with its specialty journals,
magazines, books, conferences and the SYS-CON Interactive portal with its 27
Web sites.

About Camelot Communications Corp.
Camelot Communications Corp. produces IT conferences focusing on emerging
technologies including open-source, XML, Java, and Wireless. Strategic
partnerships with leading IT and software organizations such as the Apache
Software Foundation and Oasis and the OMG as well as alliances with industry
media and analyst groups have allowed us to embrace the IT community in the
United States and Europe. For a list of upcoming projects, visit
# # #

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