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Subject: Oasis Member News

        Noonetime announces release of new software product - XML Xtract Plus

Denver, CO  October 26, 2000 - Noonetime, an XML total solutions provider and full-time consulting, training, integration and product supply company, announced the release of XML Xtract Plus, an upgrade to their popular, XML Xtract. The original XML Xtract enabled users to convert Quark documents to XML, and the new additions allow for the import of XML files back into Quark, even after authoring or editing their documents in an XML editor. 

In 1999, Noonetime released XML Xtract. XML Xtract is a Quark Xtension that takes advantage of the features - specifically character styles - of QuarkXPress 4.0. This software was developed to convert Quark documents to XML and based on user selection, will also create a corresponding XSL Stylesheet and DTD.  With XML Xtract Plus, the user can generate an XML file, edit it in XMetaL (or any other XML editor or text editor such as Notepad or TextPad), and then re-import it back into Quark.  Users are also allowed to combine any content to form a new Quark document.  A web editor can update material with new data or findings by editing the content of the XML file.  After updating information, users may, technically, “pour” the newly edited XML back into a Quark document without having to edit the Quark document itself.

“The extra time we put into Xtract Plus has really paid off.   We have created a tool that allows users to author their data in an XML editing environment, without detracting from the formatting strengths of Quark.  Quark users can finally have the best of both worlds. All this, and it's built on our already mature "Xtract" engine, and shares all the features of that product,” said Daniel Tack, Application Engineer for Noonetime.

Noonetime will continue to grow the Xtract family of XML products by the recently announced Xtract Plus for MAC OS 8.0.  This will give MAC users the same powerful capabilities Xtract Plus offers.  The shipping date for Xtract Plus for MAC is slated for early November.  For more information and pricing on XML Xtract Plus or XML Xtract Plus for MAC, please visit the Noonetime web site at www.nooonetime.com/XtractPlus.asp.

About Noonetime

Noonetime is a tenacious and energetic company that provides a blend of expertise in consulting and integration services for structured information management solutions, particularly using XML. Noonetime shares its industry experience, education and on-going research through publicly held and customized XML related training courses. Noonetime also develops customized software and offers other industry-related products for sale and resale.

For more information regarding Noonetime, please contact us by email at info@noonetime.com, by phone at 303.291.0230 or visit the company's web-site www.noonetime.com.

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