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Subject: OASIS Member News: NEW "Advanced XML" course created by Architag University

NEW “Advanced XML” course created by Architag University

January 17, 2001—Englewood CO.  Architag University, a division of
International Corporation, the leader in extensible markup language
training, today is introducing its newest XML training course, Advanced
This exciting new course is designed to take the XML novice to the next
level of understanding.  The course is specifically for Web programmers,
developers and engineers, information analysts, e-Business architects,
e-Commerce implementers.  The first presentation of Advanced XML will
February 26 to March 1, 2001, and it will be offered regularly

The Advanced XML class is designed to provide in depth exposure to a
variety of XML technologies and programming techniques.  Advanced XML
upon the foundation established in Architag’s recently updated XML101Ō
course.  The content of the Advanced XML class includes discussion of
architectures and XML-based systems development, including programming
multi-tier, client/server, database-oriented, Internet and
World-Wide-Web-based applications.

“We’ve worked hard to provide a course that will meet the needs of the
novice who wants to advance quickly in understanding the newest markup
technologies,” said Bryan Snyder, Architag’s President.  “We’ve listened
our previous students, conference attendees, and consulting clients to
up with just the right mix of lecture and hands-on exercises to provide
excellent learning experience.”

Architag’s Advanced XML course includes discussions, demonstrations and
coding exercises that make use of the following technologies: XML, HTML,
XHTML, CSS, XSL, XSLT, XSL, FO, DTD, Schema, Parsers, JavaScript,
DOM, SAX, XPath, Xlink, Namespaces, XBase, XInclude, VB, ASP, DCOM,
SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, Wireless Applications for phones, PDAs, etc., WAP,
and several specialized XML dialects.

Architag University has recently updated its XML 101™ course to
it and emphasize what is new in XML developments and technologies.  “If
have an on-site training client who needs more time spent on schemas or
we can easily provide that.  Need more information about middle-tier
scripting? We can do that, too.  All of the modules fit together to
an excellent introductory XML education,” stated the University’s new
Chancellor, Devan Shepherd.

Architag University’s professional training staff has taught thousands
students around the world, in lectures and hands-on workshops in public
classes and in private on-site settings.  Architag trainers are analysts
programmers who have years of experience working on client projects.
can answer questions with the confidence of someone who has real-world
experience.  “Our trainers are also consultants who use the newest XML
developments and technologies in projects every day,” said Mr. Shepherd.
“We have an ongoing company-wide initiative to make sure that our staff
members remain current with the newest developments in the
world of markup technology.”

About Architag International Corp.
At Architag our vision is to educate our students and clients in the
developments in XML, XSLT, SGML, e-Commerce, e-Business and structured
information technology, and to use the latest tools and techniques to
our clients’ information management problems. Architag’s professional
trainers and consultants will help you develop a system that lets you
your information one time and reuse your information assets in many
different ways: Web, print, wireless PDA, cellular phones, CD-ROM,
user agents, and more.
Contact Bryan E. Snyder, bsnyder@architag.com, Phone: 303-766-1336, Web:
Architag International Corporation, 6989 S. Jordan Road, Suite 6,
CO 80112
# # #
Architag, XML101 and Architag University are trademarks of Architag
International Corporation.  Other product and company names mentioned
might be the trademarks of their respective owners.

Deni Cates                                    dcates@architag.com
Tele: +1 303-766-1336   http://architag.com  Fax: +1 303-699-8331
                Architag International Corporation
         6989 S. Jordan Road, Suite 6, Englewood CO USA
           -- Leverage Your Information Assets (tm)--

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