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Subject: Enterprise Portals -- DataChannel and Telco Team Up to deliver"N ordstrom-like-customer-service" to midsize businesses

Title: Enterprise Portals -- DataChannel and Telco Team Up to deliver "Nordstrom-like-customer-service" to midsize businesses

Hello:  Please allow me to introduce myself.  I'm Dagmar Glier, Director of Public Relations for DataChannel, provider of XML-based enterprise platforms and portals www.datachannel.com.  I'm contacting you to let you know about an announcement being made tomorrow by DataChannel,and Telicor, the world's first telecommunications management service provider, www.telicor.com.

Additional details follow. 

Tomorrow, Telicor, the world's first telecommunications management service provider, www.telicor.com will announce the selection of DataChannel Server(DCS).  Essentially acting as a company's in-house telecom manager, Telicor is the first total telecom management service for mid-sized businesses ready to reduce telecom management to a single phone number, a single website and a single monthly bill. With technology from DataChannel, the leading provider of XML-based enterprise platforms and portals www.datachannel.com, Telicor can provide cusotmers with faster, easy access to the information they need.  The net result is an unmatched level of network efficiency and customer service.  

The Telco Challenge:
In the competitive, convergent telecommunications market, it's become increasingly important for telcos to focus on customer satisfaction.  The Telicor portal is powered by DataChannel Server (DCS) and is designed with the customer in mind (Customer service is #1 objective for Telicor; what separates Telicor from the pack is their 'Nordstrom'-like-approach to customer service).

Why DataChannel?
Telicor selected DataChannel for their XML expertise, enterprise portal best-practices-methodology, and ease of integration.

Thanks for your time, and please call if you'd like a briefing.

Dagmar Glier


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Dagmar Glier | Director of Public Relations

600 108th Avenue NE | Suite 900 | Bellevue WA  98004
      T 425.462.1999 x2732 |  F 425.637.1192 | dagmarg@datachannel.com

w w w . d a t a c h a n n e l . c o m


Seattle - Wednesday, January 23, 2001 - Telicor, the first total
telecommunications management service provider, announced today that it has
formed strategic alliances with technology and solution providers
DataChannel and Equarius to bring improved levels of information access and
customer service to business telecommunications.

Telicor provides a single point of contact for the selection, purchase,
installation, management and support of a company's complete telecom
portfolio, including local, long distance, Internet, and wireless services.
In addition, the company provides each customer with a customized Web portal
for customer service, network monitoring, program management, and billing
information from their assorted providers. Using Telicor's service reduces
administrative burden and saves money through more efficient use of telecom

"DataChannel and Equarius add significant value to the quality of service
and information our customers will experience through the Telicor portal,"
said John Fleming, chief technology officer for Telicor. " DataChannel's
enterprise portal solution and Equarius' integration tools will help us
deliver a new level of unified information to our customers."

The Telicor customer information portal is powered by DataChannel Server,
which unlocks corporate data stored in companies' legacy systems, databases
and applications, and securely delivers it to Telicor's portal interface.
Equarius, an e-business solutions integrator, will provide development and
business tools to ensure the efficient integration of the systems.

"In the competitive, convergent telecommunications market, it's become
increasingly important for telcos to focus on customer satisfaction," said
Lucie Fjeldstad, CEO and president of DataChannel. "The Telicor portal is
designed with the customer in mind, providing fast, easy access to the
information Telicor customers need.  We are pleased to work with an emerging
leader in unified telecommunications like Telicor." 

"Telecommunications is an important part of Equarius' vertical growth
strategy," said Burley Kawasaki, vice president of eBusiness for Equarius.
"We believe Telicor has the systems and culture to succeed in the market,
and to become a future leader in business telecommunications services."

About Telicor
Telicor, Inc. provides unified telecommunications services to mid-sized
businesses in North America. Partnering with best-of-breed providers,
Telicor enables businesses to shop, purchase, install, and manage all of
their telecommunications needs from a single point of contact. For more
information, please visit www.telicor.com.

About Datachannel
DataChannel is the leading provider of enterprise platform and portal
solutions for the ebusiness world.  DataChannel's software products help
companies better compete in the Internet economy by connecting employees,
partners, and suppliers to the corporate information they need -- anywhere,
anytime-from the convenience of their desktops and wireless devices.
DataChannel was the first enterprise portal vendor to leverage XML as a
central part of its DataChannel Server's (DCS) open architecture, allowing
companies to extend their existing IT investments.  Founded in 1996 and
privately held, DataChannel is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. For
additional information about DataChannel, please visit www.datachannel.com
or send an email to info@datachannel.com
Press Only: Please contact Dagmar Glier at dagmarg@datachannel.com.   

About Equarius
Equarius is a full-service eSolutions provider specializing in assisting
organizations to design, develop and deploy their eBusiness strategies.
Equarius partners with developers of leading Web-enabled technologies to
deliver seamless solutions on time and within budget. Equarius has a history
of helping clients to increase revenues and improve customer service.  For
more information about Equarius, please call 888-462-6605, visit
www.equarius.com or email information@equarius.com.

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