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Subject: Mongoose Technology Ships Mongoose PortalStudio Enterprise Edition

Mongoose Technology Ships Mongoose PortalStudio Enterprise Edition and Sets the Benchmark for New Feature Requirement — Portal Lifecycle Management

San Francisco, Jan. 22, 2001 - Houston-based Mongoose Technology, Inc. announced the general availability of Mongoose PortalStudio™ Enterprise Edition, a comprehensive portal authoring environment and portal framework, at the DCI Corporate and e-Business Portals Conference held here today.  Mongoose PortalStudio Enterprise Edition enables organizations to Design, Assemble, Deploy, and Manage enterprise portals within a single environment and, according to Delphi Group, sets the benchmark for an important new feature requirement called Portal Lifecycle Management.  Unlike current generation portal products and applications, Mongoose’s Portal Lifecycle Management capabilities give organizations a way to reduce their portal lifecycle and maintenance costs, and ultimately secure a faster return on investment.

According to Delphi Group, first-generation portal development environments evolved from content management or other origins and were never intended for the diversity of object types that comprise today’s enterprise portals. Organizations need a development environment designed with an application orientation, rather than a content-centric perspective.  This next-generation development environment must offer the ability to manage portals at the component level and across the entire application lifecycle.

"When addressed at the outset of a portal deployment project, the management of maintenance costs offers one of the most promising opportunities to realize faster return on investment," said Nathaniel Palmer, Chief Analyst of Delphi Group.  "Mongoose Technology's PortalStudio has distinguished itself through a unique combination of Portal Lifecycle Management capabilities that address this critical new functional requirement for portal software."

"Portal Lifecycle Management is the key to developing cost-effective enterprise portals.  Without it companies are finding it difficult to manage the increasing complexity of their portal implementations and are therefore realizing minimum value," said Lionel Hanley, Vice President of Marketing for Mongoose Technology, Inc.  "Mongoose’s founders helped set the benchmark for today’s widely adopted enterprise software development practices.  And, we’re looking to carry over these same time-proven principles to portal development."

Mongoose PortalStudio Enterprise Edition
Mongoose is the first company to deliver a Portal Lifecycle Management product that includes both an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and a robust XML and J2EE ™ (Java 2 Enterprise Edition)-based Portal Server.  Mongoose PortalStudio Enterprise Edition delivers all of the tools needed to Design, Assemble, Deploy, and Manage (altogether the Portal Lifecycle) a next-generation enterprise portal. PortalStudio Enterprise Edition provides:
• PortalStudio Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
This environment offers portal architects an integrated approach to portal lifecycle management.  It facilitates the rapid deployment and modification of portals through a point-and-click process of assembling graphical display components with predefined context rules, business logic, and data connectors.  It also offers visual validation of the portal’s design.  For simplicity users can also create portal views by assembling elements from the PortalStudio Libraries as well as incorporating static content from Microsoft FrontPage® or Macromedia Dreamweaver®.
• Iterative Development Process
PortalStudio’s environment enables both components and the portals they are used in to be managed across overlapping, iterative lifecycles. Individual components may be deployed and modified without conflicting with other portal elements, simplifying and reducing portal maintenance.
• Component-Level Management
PortalStudio allows portal software to be managed as individual components, encapsulating both content and context within each element.  This allows software components to be defined outside of the portal environment then assembled within the visual development environment.
• Separation of Data Access, Application, and Presentation Logic
PortalStudio allows all components of the portal to be defined separately from how they are displayed and connected.  This 3-tiered architecture enables a high degree of personalization, as well as optimal leverage and flexibility of development platforms.  For example, a portal can be developed and tested with Mongoose PortalStudio on Windows NT, then deployed on a UNIX platform and viewed in a browser, Palm VII, or mobile device. Without recoding, the user is presented a portal view based on the user role or display device.
• Library Services
PortalStudio provides role-based access to portal components. Based on access privileges users may alternatively be able to modify a component, make a copy, or just add it to a portal.  This maintains the integrity of software assets without introducing the complexity of a code management system. Mongoose offers four libraries.  They include:
WebCanvas™ Library – This Library allows users to select a WebCanvas portal template layout or create a new one.  Users can embed their WebCanvas in an existing portal or create an entirely new enterprise portal.
WebComponent™ Library – Users can assemble WebComponents onto the WebCanvas. This library includes popular Tree, Table, Minibrowser, and XML Rendering WebComponents.  Users can also leverage the Mongoose WebComponent Wizard and PortalStudio APIs to design their own WebComponents.  A growing number of commercial and open-source WebComponents are also available.
WebConnector™ Library – Users can attach WebConnectors to convert structured and unstructured data into XML and/or J2EE connector standards.  This library includes JDBC and XML WebConnectors.  Users can also leverage the Mongoose WebConnector Wizard and PortalStudio APIs to design their own WebConnectors.
WebSkin™ Library – Users can apply a personalized look and feel to their portal with a WebSkin from the library or they can design their own.
• Mongoose PortalStudio Server
The PortalStudio Server combines an XML-based portal server with B2B integration services on an open J2EE-compliant platform. Portal services include customization, personalization, and account/role maintenance; B2B integration services include XML-based merging, aggregation, and transformation as well as querying and event-notification.

MySoftwarePartner Takes Mongoose PortalStudio to Fortune 1000
As a leading developer of B2B, commerce solutions for companies, such as Luxottica Group (parent group of LensCrafters), NationsBank, and Nortel Networks, MySoftwarePartner (
www.mysoftwarepartner.com) played a significant role in driving the requirements for Mongoose PortalStudio Enterprise Edition.  MySoftwarePartner was also Mongoose's first implementation partner and immediately realized the value of Mongoose's approach to Portal Lifecycle Management.

"We chose Mongoose PortalStudio for our large-scale portal development and
implementation projects because it's the only tool out there that addresses the key to success – Portal Lifecycle Management," said Brian Fox, Vice President of MySoftwarePartner.  "PortalStudio gives us the process and tools necessary to secure immediate results, including reducing portal maintenance costs."

Mongoose PortalStudio Pricing
Mongoose PortalStudio Enterprise Edition pricing for Windows NT® starts at $4,000. Mongoose PortalStudio Server pricing starts at $25,000 for up to 20 concurrent users.

About Mongoose Technology
Mongoose Technology, Inc. (http://www.mongoosetech.com/) is a premier provider of Portal Lifecycle Management products. The company's products include the Mongoose PortalStudio™ visual portal authoring environment for the rapid development of J2EE™-based eBusiness Portals; and the Mongoose PortalStudio™ Server, which combines an XML-based portal server with B2B integration services.  The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and was founded in 1999.  Mongoose Technology, Inc. is located at 17225 El Camino Real, Ste. 340, Houston, Texas 77058; phone, 281/461-0099; fax, 281/461-0055.


For questions or comments about this press release please contact: mediarelations@mongoosetech.com, or Donna Samluk, president of Samluk Communications, Inc., at dsamluk@samluk.com or 925/736-8166.

Mongoose PortalStudio, WebCanvas, WebComponent, WebSkin, and WebConnector are trademarks of Mongoose Technology, Inc. All other company or product names are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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