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Subject: OASIS Member News: XML Global Launches GoXML(tm) Foundation ProductSuite

     XML Global Launches GoXML(tm) Foundation Product Suite
New York, N.Y., April 2nd, 2001 - XML Global Technologies, Inc. (XMLG
OTC:BB), a product focused, XML powered, e-business platform company,
proudly announced the launch of its GoXML(tm) Foundation product suite
at the Gartner iEB B2B conference in New York. GoXML(tm) Foundation is a
product framework or an XML product stack that has been labeled by Kate
Fessenden of the Aberdeen Group as a bedrock toolset for building a
successful e-Business strategy.

GoXML(tm) Foundation is the first coordinated suite of XML tools that
solves important e-Business and Internet infrastructure problems such as
data search, data transformation and database activities. Three specific
XML Global products have been bundled into GoXML(tm) Foundation and they
include GoXML(tm) Search, a scalable context based XML search engine;
GoXML(tm) Transform, a transformation engine for XML, EDI and other data
formats; and GoXML(tm) DB a native XML database with a high performance
query engine. Together these products form a highly scalable and robust
XML based e-Business platform designed to maximize any e-Business

"GoXML(tm) Foundation is the result of XML Global's more than two years
of intensive R&D in XML based search, transformation and database
technology," explained Jim Dorey, Senior Product Manager for XML Global.
"Our company has long held the conviction that as both XML technology
and the B2B space develop there would be a need for an integrated and
dedicated XML based product solution. GoXML(tm) Foundation," continued
Jim Dorey, "is XML Global's answer to those corporations looking for a
coordinated XML approach to their e-Business initiative."   

GoXML(tm) Foundation is an easy to use XML integration platform that is
being marketed to both corporations and other organizations that need an
XML based e-Business platform. With vast amounts of information stored
in varying formats across distributed and diverse systems, there is a
real need to consolidate and integrate data so that it can be used by
everyone. GoXML(tm) Foundation is designed for organizations that have,
or are planning to, migrate their business and data management
applications to the Internet and who want to then manage their data
online using XML based technology. Unique features of the GoXML(tm)
Foundation tool-set include:

GoXML(tm) Search - a scalable, context-based XML search engine that
delivers precise results. The engine is a server-based application that
indexes XML documents and provides standards-based query interfaces for
search and retrieval. GoXML Search exploits the contextual nature of XML
to provide superior search results.

GoXML(tm) Transform - a transformation engine for dynamic exchange of
XML, EDI and other data formats. Using XML-based mapping templates, the
Java engine of Transform allows Business Analysts to specify mappings
automatically to a wide variety of popular information exchange formats.
Transform is ideally suited to Business-to-Business and
Application-to-Application environments. The rule driven, patented
Transformation Engine easily handles complex translations with
high-flying speed.

GoXML(tm) DB - a native XML database with a high performance query
engine. XML documents are stored directly, eliminating the need to
decompose data or to configure how data will be stored, such as
relational databases can require. This context and descriptor driven
information delivers on today's e-Business needs

GoXML(tm) Foundation is available for Linux 2.2 and Solaris 8 for the
GoXML(tm) Foundation Java(tm) product engines and Windows2000/NT for the
graphical transformation interface. The GoXML(tm) Foundation product
suite will be available for shipping from the 2nd of April, 2001 with
pricing available on request. For more information please contact

About XML Global Technologies, Inc.
XML Global Technologies, Inc. provides an XML-based data integration
platform, GoXML(tm) Foundation, and an application-to-application
integration platform, GoXML(tm) Central. These products form a core
framework for additional expansion as the enterprise builds or enhances
its infrastructure. GoXML(tm) Foundation includes:
Searching: 	      GoXML(tm) Search, a scalable, context-based XML 
                  search engine that delivers precise results.
Transformation: 	GoXML(tm) Transform, a transformation engine for
                  dynamic exchange of XML, EDI, and other data formats.
Storage:	      GoXML(tm) DB, a native XML database with a high
                  performance query engine.
GoXML(tm) Central is an XML platform for global participation in
electronic marketplaces. It uses ebXML methodologies and is designed for
interoperability, allowing businesses to find each other, form trading
partner agreements, and conduct business electronically. XML Global
empowers its clients to build and manage technology platforms for web
services, net markets and e-business initiatives. For more information
please visit our website at www.xmlglobal.com or call the numbers below.

Forward Looking Statements
All statements are based on XML Global Technologies, Inc.'s current
knowledge and specific assumptions with respect to future business
decisions. The actual results of XML Global Technologies, Inc. may
differ materially from those indicated by these forward looking
statements as a result of various important factors, including, but not
limited to, those discussed in the Risk Factors section of XML Global
Technologies' recent registration document, SB-2/A, which is on file
with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

PR Contact Information
Contact	Anthony Dutton
		Director of Corporate Communications
Phone		1-604-717-1100 ext.112
		1-800-201-1848 ext.112
Fax		1-604-717-1107
Email		anthony.dutton@xmlglobal.com
Web		www.xmlglobal.com

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