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Subject: Seybold Boston Selects the Latest Version of WorX SE, 2.1,as a Hot Pick Item

For immediate release						April 4, 2001
Seybold Boston Selects the Latest Version of WorX SE, 2.1, as a Hot Pick

CHICAGO, IL - April 4, 2001 - HyperVision, Ltd. is pleased to announce the
release of WorX SE Version 2.1 in conjunction with the Seybold Boston
Exposition.  In recognition of the product’s excellence, the Seybold editors
have selected WorX SE 2.1 as a Hot Pick item for the upcoming show.  Seybold
editors state "For those struggling with how to implement XML at the writing
and editing stage, HyperVision's WorX 2.1 is the leading candidate for a
Microsoft Word plug-in for structured authoring."

Bert Sheingate, president of HyperVision, Ltd. states, “We at HyperVision
are excited to release the newest version of WorX SE, 2.1 and are pleased to
be chosen at a Hot Pick item.  There have been several enhancements made to
WorX SE in order to make it more intuitive for the client.  In future
releases, we anticipate driving WorX SE to clients cohesively in accordance
with any future Microsoft release, such as the forthcoming Office XP.  The
next release of WorX SE is scheduled for the end of August.”

HyperVision has been building and enhancing the WorX technology for the past
4 years.  Since the last release in December, there have been several

Context sensitivity has been introduced to the mapping of Word Styles and
XML elements.  The association is no longer limited to a one-to-one
Inter-operability of WorX Documents with non-WorX (Word) documents.  Authors
who do not have WorX SE can still edit the text of a document and the
changes will be reflected when the document is reopened in WorX.
All Mouse driven features now have associated custom keyboard actions that
support rapid keystroke data entry, allowing faster tagging.
Document loading messages can be displayed to help users locate any problems
that may have occurred while loading a file.

To see the latest features of WorX SE please visit HyperVision at Seybold
Boston, April 10th through April 12th, booth #333.  For more information on
the show or if you are unable to attend and would like more information,
please contact Jennifer Parkes, <mailto:jparkes@hvltd.com>.
About HyperVision, Ltd.

HyperVision, Ltd. has been delivering high-end information strategies and
consulting services since its incorporation in 1988.  Most of these services
have focused on the enhancement of content-development business activities.
Since its inception, HyperVision, Ltd has worked closely with the California
Legislative Data Center, to provide a variety of software solutions in
support of legacy and new applications.  During the past 3 years, one such
activity led to the evolution of the WorX technology.  HyperVision, Ltd.
evolved the initial technology developed for California into a generic
solution applicable to the broad cross-section of original content authors.
This new generic offering of WorX Technology has rapidly become the most
sophisticated XML authoring addition to Microsoft Word available in the
market today.  With these achievements, HyperVision, Ltd. has committed its
efforts and focus to the ongoing development and distribution of innovative
XML authoring solutions contributing to maximum content richness.

The WorX functionality is available for description on the Internet at
http://www.hvltd.com.  For a demonstration or for more information, please
visit the website or contact:

Jennifer Parkes
Account Executive
HyperVision, Ltd.
230 E. Ohio, Suite 210
Chicago IL, 60611
Phone: 312-274-1206
Fax: 312-274-1228				###

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