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Subject: OASIS Member News: B-Bop Announces New Release of Xfinity XML Server

B-Bop Announces New Release of Xfinity XML Server

New Release of Native XML Server for Content and Document Management
Delivers Enhanced XML Query, Faster Processing and  Ease of Deployment

Burlingame, CA - April 24, 2001 - B-Bop Associates, Inc., a leading
provider of XML software and services for e-business solutions,
today announced the newest release of Xfinity(TM) Server, a native XML
server that provides fast, efficient and extremely flexible storage and
delivery of e-business content. The release features significant
including high-speed caching, powerful XML search and query,
Web-based administration and integration with new Web application

Customers today demand real-time access to information that is
relevant to them. This need to deliver targeted information to a growing
number of users in an expanding variety of formats is the driving force
behind increased demand for XML content. With Xfinity 2.0 companies can
cost-effectively re-use and transform business content for different
channels and
devices, including Web,  wireless and print.

Xfinity 2.0 provides a comprehensive set of XML management services
including optimized XML storage and retrieval, XML search and query,
real-time content assembly, dynamic XML transformation to other formats
and server-side rendering. Xfinity Server 2.0 is designed 
from the ground up for XML applications and is a rapidly deployable
platform for multi-target publishing, e-learning, portal and document
management applications.

Granular Control
Xfinity provides complete control over content at any level of
granularity (document, document fragments, paragraphs, sections, tables,
etc.). Xfinity 2.0 preserves XML structure both when storing and
retrieving XML content. New XML documents can be added on the fly,
without any setup or configuration. Xfinity thus allows companies to
fully realize
the benefits of XML for e-business content management - extensibility
and re-usability.

Real-time Customization
Xfinity features an enhanced XSLT transformation engine, allowing
content components to be dynamically assembled to create customized
Xfinity uses XSL stylesheets to automatically render or reformat
these pages in HTML, XML, WML, or Text, thus eliminating the need to
re-create content for different channels.

Scalable and Robust
Based on an n-tier architecture, Xfinity provides full transaction
support allowing users to add or modify XML content on the fly. This
concurrent multi-user access while ensuring data integrity. Xfinity
easily scales to support large document collections and provides caching
for fast response.

Internet Standards Based
Xfinity is the first to provide native XML management using any
standard RDBMs, such as Oracle or MS SQL Server. Xfinity 2.0 fully
Open Standards and is J2EE compliant. Xfinity Server is fully
compatible with existing Web pages, Web design tools, Web browsers, Web
servers, and XML authoring software. Xfinity provides well-defined
APIs to allow easy integration with Web application servers and

Xfinity Server 2.0 is immediately available for the MS Windows NT
and 2000 Server operating environments . For detailed product
description and system requirements, please visit:


A version for Sun Solaris 2.8 will be available within 45 days.
Xfinity Server 2.0 is priced per CPU. Contact sales@b-bop.com for

About B-Bop Associates, Inc.
B-Bop provides organizations with standards-based XML software and
tools for deploying XML-based solutions to store, manage and
distribute just-in-time information. B-Bop combines its innovative,
patent-pending software products, including the Xfinity XML Server, with
leading expertise in technologies such as Java, XML and XSL to provide
scalable and flexible reporting, electronic publishing, content
and e-commerce solutions for the enterprise. For more information on
these products, please visit http://www.b-bop.com/products.

B-Bop partners include Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Adobe, Sun, Allaire
and 3Com. B-Bop is an active member of both W3C and OASIS, and is
headquartered in Burlingame, CA. For additional information please
visit http://www.b-bop.com.

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