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Subject: Bolero.Net Joins Open Applications Group !

We are pleased to announce that Bolero.Net has joined the Open Applications

International trade has traditionally been fraught with financial, logistic
and time inefficiencies, costing world business hundreds of billions of
every year.

Created by the world's logistics and banking communities, Bolero.net is
rid of these inefficiencies by moving world trade onto the Internet,
documents and data to be exchanged online between all parties in the trade
chain. Bolero.Net offers:

Seven out of the world's top ten banks have now signed up to Bolero.Net, as
well as major trading houses such as Mitsui and Marubeni; and carriers such
as K Line, Cosco and Evergreen. For more information on Bolero.Net, go here

"We are very excited to have Bolero.Net join the Open Applications Group and
we are looking forward to their knowledge and contributions to our
payment and settlement project." said David Connelly, President and CEO of
Open Applications Group.

"Their experience is in this area is unrivaled and will ensure the success
this project."

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