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Subject: OASIS Member News: Infoteria Corporation Delivers Version 2.0 ofiMAKER for Excel

Infoteria Corporation Delivers Version 2.0 of iMAKER(tm) for Excel

Microsoft Office is Enabled with XML Technology

BOSTON and TOKYO, Japan - May 7, 2001 - Infoteria Corporation today
announced the shipment of iMAKER for Excel Version 2.0.  iMAKER for Excel
enables the enterprise to create XML files from Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
data as well as import XML data into Excel spreadsheets, providing an XML
solution today for users of Microsoft Office and Excel 97 and Excel 2000.

"The ability for us to work with our current enterprise data in XML format
is critical to our business," said Klaus Szyska, manager, Knowledge
Management Systems Design, Siemens Business Services.  "Infoteria's iMAKER
provides us with a seamless integration tool to streamline our operations
while leveraging our existing system.  The product also helps us improve
productivity, while saving time and money.  We recently used iMAKER to
build an application called CyberNeeds, which automates our new employees
resource process."

Infoteria's iMAKER for Excel Version 2.0 offers the following enhancements:

* Windows 2000 support - Microsoft Excel 97 and Excel 2000 are now
supported, running on Windows 2000 operating system platforms, Windows 98
and Windows NT.

* Security - sending of encrypted e-mails with XML in the body of the mail
message in one or more attachments is now an integral feature.

* Dial-in support for SMTP mail routing - iMAKER for Excel now supports
dial-up connections to SMTP servers, in addition to the previously
supported LAN-accessible SMTP servers.

* Authenticate users - before accepting SMTP messages, iMAKER for Excel can
now be configured to authenticate users via a POP mail account prior to
accepting XML e-mail messages.

* Other enhancements include: COM extension modules, allowing users to call
iMAKER from Visual Basic or Active Server pages; DTD declaration for XML
documents, allowing a DTD definition to be specified in an iMAKER
configuration file; a new iSecureEnv tool, allowing the users to import and
export their private and public keys (for encrypted and digitally signed
e-mails); and iMAKER's XSL file syntax is compliant with the XSLT

Traditionally, companies have been hindered by a strict conversion schema
for the exchange of XML data.  iMAKER for Excel enables individuals to send
emails directly from Excel utilizing XML on the front end.  Therefore,
organizations save time and money by eliminating the need for
labor-intensive evaluation of incoming data.

"iMAKER is our most frequently downloaded product," said Tim Browne, CEO,
Infoteria Worldwide.  "It is a wildly powerful tool that quietly works in
the background to transform the enormous amount of corporate data stored in
MS' Excel spreadsheets into XML.  Once in XML, the data remains available
to MS products as well as made easily available to other systems and
applications.  We are stoked by this kind of cross-application and system
sharing of company data! Each version is packaged with iMAKER's Software
Development Kit (SDK) and offers flexible licensing depending on business

About Infoteria Corporation

Infoteria Corporation is a leading software design and development company
focused on building and selling XML-based B2B solutions that intelligently
and profitably connect buyers and sellers.  The corporation offers a wide
range of XML software tools, components and products, as well as the
services and training necessary to implement end-to-end XML-based customer
solutions.  Infoteria partners include IBM, Microsoft, Toshiba, Oracle,
Sun, Softbank, Hitachi and others.

Infoteria Corporation is a member of W3C, OASIS, UDDI and RosettaNet, with
development centers in Tokyo and Boston. Additional information can be
found on the web at www.infoteria.com and www.xml.com.

Karen Spina
Fitzgerald Communications
(617) 692-3271

Laura Martin
Infoteria Corporation
(978) 922-4029, ext. 126

W3C and XML are the registered trademarks of the World Wide Consortium.
Other brand product names are registered trademarks or trademarks of their
respective holders. All rights reserved.

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