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Subject: OASIS Member News: Vordel's TalkXML to support Trust Infrastructuremanagement standard - XKMS

Vordel's TalkXML to support Trust Infrastructure management standard -

Dublin, Ireland, 8 May 2001 - Vordel, a leading provider of solutions
for secure business communications today announced that future
releases of its TalkXML product will support the XML key management
specification (XKMS).

Vordel is the leader in the development of secure xml-based
applications that interoperate with all of the leading public key
infrastructures worldwide.

XKMS is designed to simplify application development by providing an
XML-based framework for digital certificate verification. This
framework is suitable for use in a web services architecture in which
digital certificate processing is performed on a server optimized for
cryptography, and accessed through the Simple Object Access Protocol
(SOAP) protocol.

Chief Technology Officer at Vordel, Mark O'Neill, explained. "Vordel
has pioneered the development of secure XML-based data transactions
and this latest advancement simplifies the integration of security

"Because TalkXML is standards based and supports all of the leading
PKI solutions our product will be able to interoperate with
certificates from any vendor and thus provide customers with a
complete solution for the verification and management of certificates
from any of their trading partners," continued O'Neill.

XKMS provides a sound framework for the verification of a user's
digital certificate identity, according to Derek O'Carroll, VP of
Business Development at Vordel. "Providing this framework for trust
will facilitate the provision of interoperable, trusted, Web-based
products and services that are based on XML," O'Carroll said. "The
ability for different companies to communicate securely over the
Internet with or without human intervention is the key to successful
inter-enterprise integration.

"In industries such as the financial services sector, where automation
of business processes is fuelling the demand for inter-enterprise
integration, Vordel is at the forefront of delivering a secure
cohesive solution to make this integration a reality."

About Vordel

Vordel develops products that increase business efficiency and
security, and reduce communication costs.

The TalkXML suite from Vordel easily facilitates secure data
transmission using digital certificates over public or private
networks, and between new and existing systems.

TalkXML immediately raises the bottom line of any business by allowing
existing systems and people to communicate securely using XML. TalkXML
secures business communications, and extracts additional value from
existing IT infrastructures by allowing inter-enterprise integration.

Vordel is headquartered in Dublin, with sales offices in the USA and
UK, and has partners in Ireland, UK, Switzerland and the USA.

Press Contact:

Hugh Carroll
+353 1 215 3333
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