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Subject: OASIS Member News: Infoteria Corporation Delivers Version 2.0 ofiMESSENGER

Infoteria Corporation Delivers Version 2.0 of iMESSENGER(tm)
Businesses Capitalize on Universal XML Technology to Compete in the
Global Marketplace

BOSTON and TOKYO - May 14, 2001 - Infoteria Corporation today announced the
shipment of iMESSENGER(tm) for Windows(tm) Version 2.0.  iMESSENGER is an
XML workflow automation tool that utilizes standard messaging protocols.
The new version of iMESSENGER now includes secure e-mail and digital
signature features that provide increased security while continuing to
allow end users to receive data from trading partners in XML format.  Using
Infoteria's iCONNECTOR(tm) product, the data is automatically processed
into the end users' internal systems such as EAI, ERP, SAP, or backend
enterprise database systems.

Traditionally, end users have had difficulties sending and retrieving XML
data across networks.  iMESSENGER Version 2.0 enables users to receive XML
documents within the body of an email message or as an attachment and, in
turn, process that document or send the data as an outbound e-mail message.
This is accomplished by channeling the data through a central process
(iMESSENGER) that separates the XML data from the e-mail to ensure
effective document interpretation.

iMESSENGER is also a powerful application for sending and receiving XML
documents over both the Internet and an Intranet.  Using XML processing
applications, such as Infoteria's iCONNECTOR or iXSLT(tm), users can write
or retrieve XML documents from a designated network repository.

"Infoteria's iMAKER and iMESSENGER enabled us to build our 'Xmail' material
requirements ordering system," said Mitsumasa Nakajima, president, Biznet,
Inc.  "Using e-mail as the vehicle for data transport, and Microsoft Excel
as the graphical user interface, 'Xmail' now gives our corporate purchasing
division quick and easy access to our e-commerce system."

In addition to the new features, iMESSENGER 2.0 includes new extension
elements to make transmitting data easier than ever before. The new
extension elements include:
* System Support - iMESSENGER 2.0 versions support Windows NT and Windows
* Encrypted Email Support - iMESSENGER 2.0 handles the sending and
receiving of encrypted e-mails in unencrypted; digital signature; encrypted
and encrypted with digital signature formats
* iSECURE(tm)  Tool - manages public and private keys necessary to transmit
secure emails as well as importing and exporting private and public keys

By using iMESSENGER for Windows Version 2.0, companies can capitalize on
the value of XML and easily exchange information between offices, or
automate ordering systems on Web sites.  Each system package is coupled
with the iSECURE tool for increased information security and is offered
with flexible licensing depending on business needs.

"iMESSENGER is a truly robust tool that allows companies to further
capitalize on the value of XML by actually turning an e-mail inbox into a
XML-based job cue," said Tim Browne, CEO, Infoteria Worldwide.  "It
monitors your mail for XML-based workflow routines and then executes the
embedded commands!  Infoteria offers a whole suite of tools, like
iMESSENGER, that allow companies to reap the benefits of XML technology."

About Infoteria Corporation
Infoteria Corporation is a leading software design and development company
focused on building and selling XML-based B2B solutions that intelligently
and profitably connect buyers and sellers.  The corporation offers a wide
range of XML software tools, components and products, as well as the
services and training necessary to implement end-to-end XML-based customer
solutions.  Infoteria partners include IBM, Microsoft, Toshiba, Oracle,
Sun, Softbank, Hitachi and others.

Infoteria Corporation is a member of W3C, OASIS, UDDI and RosettaNet, with
development centers in Tokyo and Boston. Additional information can be
found on the web at www.infoteria.com and www.xml.com.

Karen Spina
FitzGerald Communications
(617) 692-3271

Laura Martin
Infoteria Corporation
(978) 922-4029

W3C and XML are the registered trademarks of the World Wide Consortium.
Other brand product names are registered trademarks or trademarks of their
respective holders. All rights reserved.

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