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Subject: OASIS Member News: XML Global Technologies Works with IBM's jStartProgram

XML Global Technologies Works with IBM's jStart Program

New York, N.Y., May 16th, 2001 - XML Global Technologies, Inc. (OTC BB:
XMLG), a product focused, XML powered, e-business platform company,
announced today that they will work with IBM and their jStart program,
designed to drive customer adoption of emerging technologies. Under the
terms of the relationship, XML Global and the IBM jStart team will work
closely using leading edge technologies to deliver the high-quality Web
enabled business solutions. 

A particular focus of the relationship will be to extend XML Global's
proven XML data integration platform, GoXML Foundation, within the
Universal Description Discovery and Integration (UDDI) environment, an
e-Business standards initiative co-sponsored by IBM. By so doing, XML
Global will be able to offer a suite of Web services enabling tools that
will free clients from having to invent their own protocols for
inter-process communication and partner interaction while at the same
time allowing them to connect their back end systems to the GoXML

XML Global and IBM both embrace the complementary coexistence of ebXML
and UDDI and together have played leading roles with respect to the
interoperability of these two specifications. XML Global understands the
importance of open infrastructure tools that will allow companies to
find products and services electronically and then automate the
processing of business transactions. By working with IBM's jStart
program, and building on IBM's framework in this area, XML Global will
be able to offer the most technologically advanced solutions to their

XML Global will collaborate with the IBM jStart team to feed its dynamic
e-Business efforts with direct access to early tooling and innovations
such as IBM's Web Services Toolkit, UDDI for Java and WebSphere. IBM
also will provide the infrastructure needed to develop these emerging
technologies into compelling business solutions for XML Global's growing
customer base. 

"XML Global has embraced UDDI and Web services technologies as core
components of our Dynamic e-Business strategy," states Gordon Ebanks,
XML Global's Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "We have
chosen to work with IBM because of their leadership and commitment in
these areas. Working with IBM, XML Global will be able to complement
UDDI technology with our patented XML technology and ebXML expertise to
develop the most advanced web enabled business solutions on the market."

For more information on XML Global and the IBM jStart program please
visit http://www-4.ibm.com/software/ebusiness/jstart/xmlglobal.html

About XML Global Technologies, Inc.
XML Global Technologies, Inc. provides an XML-based data integration
platform, GoXML(tm) Foundation, and an application-to-application
integration platform, GoXML(tm) Central. These products form a core
framework for additional expansion as the enterprise builds or enhances
its infrastructure. GoXML(tm) Foundation includes:
Searching:      GoXML(tm) Search, a scalable, context-based XML
                search engine that delivers precise results.
Transformation: GoXML(tm) Transform, a transformation engine for
                dynamic exchange of XML, EDI, and other
                data formats.
Storage:        GoXML(tm) DB, a native XML database with a high
                performance query engine.
GoXML(tm) Central is an XML platform for global participation in
electronic marketplaces. It uses ebXML methodologies and is designed for
interoperability, allowing businesses to find each other, form trading
partner agreements, and conduct business electronically. XML Global
empowers its clients to build and manage technology platforms for web
services, net markets and e-business initiatives. For more information
please visit our website at www.xmlglobal.com or call the numbers below.

Forward Looking Statements
All statements are based on XML Global Technologies, Inc.'s current
knowledge and specific assumptions with respect to future business
decisions. The actual results of XML Global Technologies, Inc. may
differ materially from those indicated by these forward looking
statements as a result of various important factors, including, but not
limited to, those discussed in the Risk Factors section of XML Global
Technologies' recent registration document, SB-2/A, which is on file
with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

PR Contact Information
Contact	Anthony Dutton
		Director of Corporate Communications
Phone		1-604-717-1100 ext.112
		1-800-201-1848 ext.112
Fax		1-604-717-1107
Email		anthony.dutton@xmlglobal.com
Web		www.xmlglobal.com

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