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Subject: RE: OASIS: Upcoming Board of Directors' Election

Thanks for your message, Eduardo.

Balloting is always in June, as dictated by the OASIS Bylaws.  This year,
the nominations period was during the month of April.  Given a very intense
conference and meeting schedule, we (the OASIS staff) needed the interim
month of May to assemble the nominations materials, present profiles on the
OASIS website, and develop an online ballot.

The close of nominations has not been extended.  All required materials from
all nominees were due at the end of April.  We had received both email and
verbal acceptance/confirmation from all
nominees by the deadline (in accordance with the process).

Some of the nominees have had previous experience with OASIS and with the
election process; others have not.  Moreover, since the statement of
interest is optional, I made a decision to provide all candidates with the
opportunity to review their online profiles before making them publicly
available.  I tried to achieve the most open, democratic way of leveling the
playing field for all involved while adhering to the election policies of
the Consortium.

Nominees will be announced later this week, possibly tomorrow. We are
putting the finishing touches on the nominee profiles area of the website.
The detailed schedule has been and still is available at
http://www.oasis-open.org/who/bod_elections.shtml, which is linked from the
OASIS home page.

I hope this help clarifies the situation.

[After writing this, I reviewed your attachment and realized that I had made
an error in that email message in stating that balloting would be in May.
Although the correct dates were posted on the OASIS website, and were
published in our press release announcing the elections, I will immediately
send a message to members with the correct information. Apologies for any


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    Sent: Wednesday, May 16, 2001 6:26 PM
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    Subject: Re: OASIS: Upcoming Board of Directors' Election


    according to your message, balloting should have started two
    weeks ago, and
    should end two weeks from now.

    I assume that the delay is due to the close of nominations
    being extended from
    April 30 to some other indefinite date (a somewhat unfair
    treatment of those of
    us who spent the weekend making sure our nominations would be
    on time, if I
    may say so).

    a) if that is not the reason, what is? I find it hard to
    imagine that there wouldn't
       be enough nominees.
    b) when will the nominations close?
    c) when will nominees be announced?
    d) when will the new schedule for balloting and results be announced?


    Eduardo Gutentag               |         e-mail: eduardo@eng.Sun.COM
    XML Technology Center          |         Phone:  (650) 786-5498
    Sun Microsystems Inc.          |         fax:    (650) 786-5727

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