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Subject: FW: Mediasystemen Selects WorX SE for Cross-Platform Publishing

*************HyperVision News for Immediate Release*********************


Chicago’s HyperVision, Ltd., expands the reach of its Word-based
XML editor,WorX SE

CHICAGO, Ill. – May 24, 2001 – HyperVision, Ltd. today announces the
formation of a partnership with Dutch consulting firm and publishing
solutions provider, Mediasystemen, of Haarlem, the Netherlands, to resell
WorX SE as a brand-identified component included in custom solutions
packages tailored to the needs of an international roster of advertising,
editing and publishing clients.

“We are pleased to have such a strong partner to continue establishing our
European presence,” says HyperVision President Bert Sheingate. “The
Netherlands are centrally located and companies like Mediasystemen, whose
international clients have multilingual, cross-platform publishing needs,
are perfectly positioned to implement and recommend our easy to use,
economical XML editor, WorX SE.”

Mediasystemen Vice President Sales & Marketing Bert de Jonge agrees with
Sheingate. “Our clients publish to multiple venues and reuse content across
several media,” he says. “Because some of these media include wireless and
the Internet, flexible XML is the best choice to manage the information
efficiently and accurately, and to present that information in a timely
manner. Plus, the basis of WorX in Microsoft Word means it will be easy for
the majority of our clients to implement and use.”

Headquartered in Chicago, HyperVision, Ltd., seeks to simplify the authoring
and editing of structured documents for all content creators. The overall
goal is to maximize authoring productivity while minimizing any
technological burden. To minimize this burden, WorX SE is based in the
familiar and common Microsoft Word.

Through WorX SE and all future HyperVision products, authors and editors
familiar with Word will be able to produce valid and well-formed XML
documents while taking advantage of current investments in technology
and existing skill sets.

WorX content is easily re-purposed for use in a variety of media ranging
from web to print to wireless. HyperVision clients currently using or
recommending WorX SE in the US include KPMG Consulting, the State of
California, XyEnterprise and Lighthouse Solutions. International clients
include Mediasystemen in the Netherlands. For further information, please
visit http://www.hvltd.com.

Mediasystemen, a Triple P company, is a supplier of cross media solutions
that enable publishers to present data across a variety of platforms ranging
from print to the Internet, CD-ROM and wireless devices. Mediasystemen
consultants focus on maximizing workflow productivity, efficiency and
accuracy within organizations such as newspapers, magazines, corporate
publishing houses and integrated multimedia publishers.

Mediasystemen uses standard components to streamline workflow throughout
all advertising and editorial processes, procedures, information flows and
software implementations. The following companies are partners of
Mediasystemen: Adobe, HyperVision, Ltd., Microsoft and Sun Microsystems.
For further information, please visit: http://www.mediasystemen.nl.

For HyperVision, Ltd., contact:
Kirstin Rogers
Marketing Associate
HyperVision, Ltd.
230 E. Ohio
Suite 210
Chicago, IL, 60611
Phone: 312-274-1206 / Fax: 312-274-1228

For Mediasystemen, contact:
Bert de Jonge
Vice President Sales & Marketing
Mediasystemen B.V.
A. Hofmanweg 5a
2031 BH Haarlem
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 23 541 07 00/ Fax: +31 23 541 07 50


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