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Subject: OASIS MEMBER NEWS: Eight Vendors Complete Secure B2B INT AS2Conformance Validation Test- Secure XML and EDI Transmitted

Eight Vendors Complete Secure B2B INT AS2 Conformance Validation Test
Secure XML and EDI data Successfully Transmitted in UCC-sponsored Test

Princeton, NJ/Austin, TX. The Uniform Code Council, Inc. (UCC), leaders in
facilitating efficient international business, and the Drummond Group Inc.,
an interoperability conformance consultancy, today announced that eight
leading solution providers completed a Secure B2B INT AS2 Conformance
Validation Test.  The UCC-sponsored test was conducted by the Drummond Group
to validate the ability of software vendors to interoperate with one another
and to communicate EDI data via the AS2 (Applicability Statement) standard.
This new draft standard allows vendor applications to communicate data such
as EDI and XML over the Internet (via HTTP) in a secure manner. The solution
providers are bTrade, Cyclone Commerce, GE Global eXchange Services, Inc.,
IPNet Solutions, iSoft Corporation, SeeBeyond Technology Corporation,
TrailBlazer Systems and webMethods, Inc.

The AS2 standard offers companies a direct and secure method to communicate
EDI transactions over the Internet, significantly reducing traditional EDI
costs. The standard also facilitates the growing use of eXtensible Markup
Language through its support of XML messaging.  When implemented, AS2 will
enable users to connect, deliver, validate, and reply to data securely and
reliably. In passing this test, these software products have undergone a
strenuous technical review, validating interoperability among the products
and conformance to the AS2 standard using the Drummond Group Process.

Mike DiYeso, the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the
Uniform Code Council, said, "The AS2 standard provides a secure, global
foundation for interoperability and communication in Internet-based
electronic commerce. AS2 supports and complements our recently released
EAN.UCC XML schemas and will expand the communication capabilities of the
Internet for global e-business. This represents another crucial step in our
efforts to harness the power and potential of the Internet through the
collaborative development of standards-based solutions that provide benefits
to all users in all industries."

Rik Drummond, Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) EDI over the Internet
(EDIINT) Work Group Chair and Drummond Group CEO added, “Efficient,
Internet-based e-business will require the commitment of users and solution
providers to work together to solve communications challenges. By validating
that the software products are interoperable and able to securely transport
EDI and XML, these vendors are making an important contribution to the
global growth of electronic commerce.  Their vision and cooperative effort
has been instrumental in establishing secure and interoperable Internet

The next round of AS2 testing  will begin in 2002.  Home page links to the
documents, Report to the Uniform Code Council (UCC) AS2 Conformance
Validation Final Status Test Round AS2–2Q01 and Frequently Asked Questions
on Secure EDI over Internet (AS2) can be found on the UCC and Drummond Group
websites at:  www.uc-council.org and


Notes for Editors

Participating Companies in the Drummond Group-UCC Secure B2B INT AS2
Conformance Validation Test:

bTrade, Inc.				TDAccess and TDPeer, using EDIINT engine, vs 2.0

Cyclone Commerce			Cyclone Interchange, vs 4.1

GE Global eXchange Services		GXS – AS2 Adapter 2.0

IPNet Solutions				IPNet eBizness™ Transact, R3.4

iSoft Corporation			iSoft Peer-to-Peer Agent, vs 3.0

SeeBeyond Technology Corp.		SeeBeyond e*Gate Integrator, vs 4.5

TrailBlazer Systems			ZMOD Exchange, vs 2.1

webMethods, Inc.			webMethods Integration Platform vs 4.0

Drummond Group Inc. www.drummondgroup.com
The Drummond Group Inc. works with software vendors, vertical industry and
the standards community to drive adoption for standards by facilitating
vertical industry pilots, interoperability conformance testing and building
competitive supply chain strategies. Founded in 1990, the vendor-neutral
group represents best-of-breed in the industry on linking horizontal
infrastructure technologies, standards and interoperability issues with the
needs of vertical industry such as retail, grocery, healthcare,
transportation, government and automotive.

Uniform Code Council  www.uc-council.org
The Uniform Code Council, Inc. (UCC) is a not-for-profit standards
development organization originally founded in 1972. The UCC, along with its
global partner EAN International, administers the EAN.UCC System, which
includes the Universal Product Code (U.P.C.) and other tools to facilitate
efficient global trade.  The EAN.UCC System is used by nearly one million
member companies worldwide. The UCC functions as a primary resource for
business and industry, developing worldwide identification codes, data
carriers, and electronic commerce.

Editorial Contacts:
Ms. Terry Erman
Uniform Code Council
Director, Marketing/Public Relations,

Ms. Beth Morrow
Drummond Group Inc.
Vice President of Business Development

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