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Subject: OASIS Member News: XML Global Technologies Releases GoXML(tm)Transform 1.2

XML Global Technologies Releases GoXML(tm) Transform 1.2

Vancouver, B.C., August 16th, 2001 - XML Global Technologies, Inc. (OTC BB:
XMLG), an XML middleware company, announced today the release of GoXML(tm)
Transform 1.2, a powerful and patented solution for the dynamic exchange of
XML, EDI and other data formats. With XML becoming the standard for
e-Business, organizations need an easy and cost effective method of
transforming legacy data into XML. GoXML(tm) Transform 1.2 addresses this
need head-on, with improved functionality, greater speed and new supported
input and output formats.

The healthcare industry is a major target market for XML Global. GoXML(tm)
Transform 1.2 meets the technical specifications of the HIPA Act of 1996
(Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) which state that the U.S.
Department of Health and Human Services must adopt national uniform
standards for the electronic transmission of health information. HIPA,
focused on reducing administrative costs and burdens in the healthcare
industry, requires multiple data formats to be made accessible to a variety
of participants in the healthcare industry.

With the mandated adoption of national standards for the electronic
transmission of healthcare information, GoXML(tm) Transform is ideally
positioned in a potentially enormous market. GoXML(tm) Transform is able to
solve many of the problems in the healthcare industry caused by multiple
data formats and is already being used by Accordus, a San Francisco based
firm, focused on optimizing the medical supply chain through its
Collaborative Healthcare Network.

"Accordus is planning significant growth over the next 24 months," said
Denis Reilly, COO of Accordus, "which will dramatically impact the amount of
data stored within our healthcare network. After examining the market,
Accordus concluded GoXML(tm) Transform offers the efficiencies and
scalability needed to maintain our growth without compromising the needs of
our trading partners."

Key changes to GoXML(tm) Transform 1.2 include:
- Dramatically enhanced GUI (graphical user interface)
  improving ease of use;
- Faster and more flexible transformation engine;
- Improved help function to guide new users through the editor;
- Automatic XML structure generation;
- Document Recognition System (DRS).

"A valuable enhancement to GoXML(tm) Transform 1.2 is the Document
Recognition System (DRS)," explained Jim Dorey, Product Manager for
GoXML(tm) Transform.  "With the demands of concurrent transmission of
multiple data formats, it is important that a system has the ability to
differentiate between data formats and to then apply the appropriate
transformation template. GoXML(tm) Transform 1.2 has this ability, thereby
adding additional speed and flexibility to the transformation process."
"One of today's E-Business challenges is the sheer scope of data in a
typical enterprise and the associated task of transforming this data into a
single standard format which can be integrated with multiple trading
partners," said Peter Shandro, CEO of XML Global. "GoXML(tm) Transform 1.2,
using XML Global's patented technology, is an essential tool for
organizations looking to maximize the value of their information assets.
GoXML(tm) Transform 1.2," continued Shandro, "will allow single format data
integration across an organization as well seamless data exchange with
global trading partners."

GoXML(tm) Transform 1.2 is available for immediate delivery. For further
product details and pricing information, please contact Jim Dorey toll free
on 1-800-201-1848 - extension 121, or by email at jim.dorey@xmlglobal.com

About XML Global Technologies, Inc.
XML Global Technologies, Inc. is an XML middleware company focused on
providing a methodical approach to the adoption of XML-based solutions. The
Company's GoXML(tm) product line provides a family of three complementary
solutions based around a patented XML-centric data transformation system:
* Foundation provides strong mapping capabilities, automatic document
  recognition, an extensive library of mapping templates, robust support
  for EDI transactions, and a native XML repository.
* eBIX extends the Foundation product with workflow control, a multitude
  of connectors to backend systems, and plug-in's for IBM's MQSI and
  Microsoft's BizTalk.
* Central broadens these capabilities by providing transformation solutions
  in web service environments. At its core is a metadata registry that
  supports both ebXML and UDDI specifications.
The Company is an active member of the ebXML, UDDI, OAG and OASIS standards
initiatives. Founded in May 1999, XML Global has its U.S. headquarters in
New York, N.Y., and a Research and Development office in Vancouver, B.C. To
learn more please visit www.xmlglobal.com

PR Contact Information
Contact Anthony Dutton
	Director of Corporate Communications
Phone	1-604-717-1100 ext.112
	1-800-201-1848 ext.112
Fax	1-604-717-1107
Email	anthony.dutton@xmlglobal.com
Web	www.xmlglobal.com

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