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Automated Two-Way Document Migration Between Word and XML

DENVER, CO --August 22, 2001Just weeks after the official release of 
ConstellationTM, Noonetime announces the completion of Xtract Plus TM for 
Word, an XML solution that uses existing formats and styles from MSWord to 
transfer data to XML. This XML enabling tool will be offered as a 
stand-alone product and as a core enhancement to Constellation.

By applying Noonetime's patent pending "two-way migration" technology to 
Xtract Plus for Word, it allows for a complete roundtrip process of Word to 
XML and the re-import of XML back to Word. As a stand-alone product, Xtract 
Plus for Word takes documents and exports them directly to valid XML, while 
automatically creating a corresponding XSL stylesheet and DTD. It can then 
import the XML back to the original document while retaining original 
styles and formatting.

"We have had tremendous success from our original Xtract Plus product that 
worked with QuarkXPress documents" says Chris Ziener, President and CEO of 
Noonetime. "Enhancing the core product capabilities with the ability to 
handle MSWord allows for improved flexibility for our clients, while 
increasing the number of companies that can benefit from Constellation."

"A large number of the companies I work with are looking to implement XML 
strategies but rely heavily on Word" says Dale Waldt, Director of aXtive 
Minds. "Noonetime provides a way to work with existing infrastructure and 
incorporate XML without having to change any of our procedures. It's really 
important to make the integration to XML as easy as possible for my 
clients; Xtract Plus for Word makes that possible."

Xtract Plus for Word is designed for seamless integration with 
Constellation, a software solution that uses behind-the-scenes technology 
to facilitate seamless two-way content migration, editing, and re-purposing 
between XML and other authoring applications. Xtract Plus for Word works 
without the use of templates for both existing and newly created documents, 
so there is no need to cut and paste your data. As part of an integrated 
Constellation solution, the process continues by taking the extracted XML 
online to a web-based editing and authoring tool. Once revisions are 
complete the data can be imported back to the original Word document or to 
a QuarkXPress template for print. The XML data can also be directly 
distributed over the Internet and wireless devices, or integrated with 
leading content management tools.

  "Our goal is to provide real solutions to real problems for companies 
dealing with the integration of XML," says Ziener. "We want to give content 
creators effortless solutions to incorporate into their authoring process, 
whether they use Word or Quark, and with additional developments, we will 
be able to handle the conversion to XML regardless of the authoring tool 

As with the initial Quark-enabled release of Constellation, XML works 
behind the scenes when converting from Word documents. The technical aspect 
is hidden from the user during the creation and editing process, allowing 
users to access it only when desired.

Noonetime is an XML management solutions provider, specializing in software 
development, structured information system design, implementation, and 
training. Software development has become an increasing focus of Noonetime, 
based on the demand for easy-to-use software products to integrate XML for 
corporate solutions.
Each of Noonetime's products is designed to make XML useful for all 
workers, not just the technical elite, pushing the highly technical 
elements behind the scenes. Our innovative solutions work with XML to solve 
everyday business challenges.

For more information and product demonstrations, please visit 

Jeannine Klinefelter

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