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Subject: OASIS Member News: iWay Software and XML Global Highlight eBIX atAuto-Tech 2001 in Detroit

iWay Software and XML Global Highlight eBIX at Auto-Tech 2001 in Detroit

Detroit, MI - August 29th, 2001 - iWay Software, an Information Builders
company that accelerates e-business integration, and XML Global Technologies
(OTC BB: XMLG), an XML middleware company, today announced they will be
conducting a live demonstration of their jointly developed product, eBIX
(e-Business Integration using XML), an XML-based e-business integration
solution for complex enterprise environments at Auto-Tech 2001, being held
in Detroit, August 28-30.

Auto-Tech is sponsored by The Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG), an
association of approximately 1,600 manufacturers and suppliers in the North
American automotive industry. The AIAG was founded in 1982 by
DaimlerChrysler, Ford Motors, and General Motors and is focused exclusively
on resolving issues critical to the automotive supply chain. Auto-Tech
attracts management-level or senior executive automotive industry
decision-makers responsible for quality, information systems, finance,
purchasing, materials management, production and operations. Auto-Tech 2000
set an attendance record of over 4,000.

The eBIX demonstration will focus on the transformation of an EDI
(Electronic Data Interchange) message to an OAG BOD (Open Applications Group
Business Object Document) XML-based message and will show how proprietary
legacy data formats can be transformed into open XML-based Internet-capable
standards. The OAG, supported by more than 90 organizations focused on B2B
interoperability, has determined a number of XML-based BODs essential for
e-business. By incorporating the eBIX solution, organizations will be able
to adopt the OAG, or any, open standard for e-Business. The iWay/XML Global
solution, eBIX, is less expensive, is available in-house and has a wider
variety of back-end connectors than other available options.

"Auto-Tech 2001 is an important venue for our two companies and the eBIX
Server," said iWay President John Senor. "The automotive industry is
embracing XML as a way of streamlining their supply chain and improving
back-end efficiencies. With the eBIX Server and its ability to open up old
legacy systems and new e-business applications to XML, our automotive
industry clients will be able to create better integrated applications than
ever before."

"To stay ahead in e-business today firms must find transformation
technologies that will cost-effectively breathe life into legacy databases
and add value to a firm's information assets," said Peter Shandro, CEO of
XML Global. "The combined iWay/XML Global solution will give the automotive
industry and its trading partners a one-stop solution to this problem,
allowing them to leverage their information assets through a variety of
Web-based applications, thereby reducing costs and improving supply chain

The eBIX Server incorporates iWay Software's XML server and complete
Enterprise Adapter Suite and XML Global's GoXML(tm) Transform, a patented
transformation engine for dynamic exchange of XML, EDI, and other data
formats. These complementary technologies form an XML-based server product
allowing business analysts and systems integrators to access the extensive
information assets contained in more than 120 applications and data sources
on 35 different platforms. The combined product masks the complexity of
back-end systems, allowing users access to all of the valuable assets in the

About iWay Software
iWay Software, an Information Builders company, is a market leader in
middleware that accelerates e-business initiatives through the rapid
integration of complex back-office systems. The company provides
e-business-to-enterprise (e2E) integration technologies that enable
e-commerce, B2B, EAI, and mobile business applications. Specializing in
connecting new e-business applications to back-office systems including
legacy information sources, iWay Software provides unparalleled access to
more than 120 nonrelational, relational, transaction, and application
sources. For more information about iWay software, visit

About XML Global Technologies, Inc.
XML Global Technologies, Inc. is an XML middleware company focused on
providing a methodical approach to the adoption of XML-based solutions. The
Company's GoXML(tm) product line provides a family of three complementary
solutions based around a patented XML-centric data transformation system:
* Foundation provides a potent combination of automated business transaction
  transformation and detection driven with XML rule templates. Storage is
  provided directly to a native XML database system, complimented with
  robust support for legacy interchange format and sources such as EDI, and
  backed with an extensive library of business system adapters.
* EBIX(tm) server extends the Foundation product with additional workflow
  control and a multitude of direct connectors to back-end legacy systems.
* Central broadens these capabilities by providing interchange solutions in
  Web service environments based on ebXML semantic registry and UDDI
  directory services registries.
The company is an active member of the ebXML, UDDI, OAG, and OASIS standards
initiatives. Founded in May 1999, XML Global has its U.S. headquarters in
New York City, and a research and development office in Vancouver, B.C. To
learn more please visit www.xmlglobal.com.

Press Contacts:
Kathleen Moran
Information Builders
(917) 339-6313

Anthony Dutton
XML Global Technologies
(604) 717-1100, ext.112

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