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Subject: Call for Participation in the Premier issue of the XML.org Newsletter

Dear XML Community,

I'm writing to you today to share some news from XML.org and to gauge your
interest in becoming a contributor to our latest venture.  First, the news.

Over the past few months, XML.org has been developing concepts for a
comprehensive newsletter covering XML.  The concept behind the XML.org
Newsletter is to provide the community with late breaking XML news,
impartial analysis of technologies, the latest on OASIS specifications and
submissions, and occasionally some very partial opinions.  Ultimately, we
hope to put you on the pulse of our industry in a no-nonsense way that
promises not to waste your time.

The XML.org Newsletter will be headed up by veteran journalist, XML
columnist, and author, Michael Floyd.  Michael wrote one of the first XML
books, "Building Web Sites with XML," (Prentice Hall) and will release
"Special Edition Using XSLT" (Que Publishing) later this year.  His
editorial experience includes a seven-year stint at Dr. Dobb's Journal where
he served as Executive Editor.  He also was Web Technique's first
Editor-in-Chief, and his XML column subsequently ran in the publication for
more than three years. Michael's expertise in both journalism and XML means
we will be delivering a quality newsletter of interest to anyone involved
with XML.

How Can I Help?
XML.org is looking for both newsletter advisor board members to help shape
the editorial plan and contributing writers to share techniques, war
stories, case studies, and comparative analyses of competing technologies.
Typically, the articles will be short, focused pieces that share knowledge,
expertise and insights.  Contributing members will be listed in the
"masthead" and receive recognition and credit for their contributions to
this important effort.  A complete description of our "Call for
Participation" is located at
http://www.xml.org/xml/newsletter_call4participation.shtml .

Our first newsletter will premiere in mid October.  So, if you're interested
in being an XML.org Newsletter contributor, please send email to
leo.kraunelis@xml.org at your earliest convenience.


Leo Kraunelis
General Manager of XML.org
978-667-5115 #203

Michael Floyd
Managing Editor of XML.org Newsletter

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