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Subject: ITEDO Software releases new graphics viewer with WebCGM support

ITEDO Software releases new graphics viewer with WebCGM support

Hennef/Millbrae, CA, September 1, 2001.
ITEDO Software announces the availability of IsoView 3.

IsoView 3 is the latest version of this worldwide leading viewing technology
for vector graphics. It is available as an ActiveX control for usage within
Microsoft Internet Explorer, VisualBasic applications, or other
environments. IsoView 3 adds a wealth of new functionality to the IsoView
product line, including support for WebCGM, the latest standard for CGM
files on Internet pages.

"IsoView 3 opens the door into a new world for customers dealing with
interactive vector graphics", said Dieter Weidenbrueck, CEO and founder of
ITEDO Software. "The support for WebCGM and the ability to manipulate
graphics at runtime allow for highly sophisticated, graphics-driven
interactive manuals and catalogs. This results in easy-to-use deliverables
raising end-user satisfaction at lower cost."

The IsoView product family consists of a class of intelligent viewers which
can be used to view and print high quality vector graphics based on latest
industry standard technologies such as CGM Version 4. This includes the
integration in interactive electronic manuals (IETM) such as spare part and
sales catalogs or maintenance manuals including the distribution on CD-ROM
or over the Intra-/Internet.

IsoView supports high quality CGM vector graphics and handles graphical
objects. Vector graphics allow to zoom into detailed views whereas raster
graphics do not display usable detailed views of an illustration. IsoView
supports major industry standards for documents. By using international
standard based documents, users gain hard- and software independence over
the entire life cycle of the documents.

IsoView 3 Licensing

The IsoView Distribution Kit contains the IsoView ActiveX Control as well as
sample files and 30 days of e-mail support. The IsoView Distribution Kit
lists for US$ 3,000.

The purchase of this kit entitles the customer to distribute an unlimited
number of the contained viewer together with the respective electronic
catalog or document.

A fully functional evaluation version of the IsoView Distribution Kit can be
downloaded from ITEDO's web site at www.itedo.com. This version can be used
to evaluate the full functionality of IsoView but must not be distributed.

The IsoView Distribution Kit targets service providers and companies who
develop and distribute interactive catalogs to large audiences. In addition,
all companies which develop and use complex information systems benefit from
using IsoView as a graphic interface to those systems.

IsoView product availability

IsoView 3 will start shipping on September 1, 2001.

ITEDO Software, headquartered in Hennef, Germany and Millbrae, CA has
concentrated for more than 10 years on development and sales of technical
illustration software. IsoDraw covers all requirements for technical
illustration and is the unquestioned market leader worldwide. IsoDraw
CADprocess is a unique product that allows for direct conversion of 3D CAD
data into high-quality technical illustrations. IsoView is the world-wide
market leader in CGM viewing. ITEDO is represented on all major
standardization committees like CALS and ATA. ITEDO is a co-founder of the
CGM Open consortium. The company is recognized as a competent supplier for
technical illustration solutions by the entire industry.

IsoDraw, CADprocess and IsoView are trademarks of ITEDO Software. All other
trademarks and tradenames are the property of their respective holders and
are hereby acknowledged.

Contact Information

United States
ITEDO Software LLC
526 Anita Lane
Millbrae, CA 94030
650.259.5920 Voice
650.259.5929 Fax

ITEDO Software GmbH
Sanddornweg 10-12
53773 Hennef
++49-(0)22 42/9221-0 Voice
++49-(0)22 42/9221-221 Fax

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