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Subject: OASIS Member News: Republica's new XML parser was rated extremely fastand efficient

X-Fetch Performer brings a solution to the processing problems of XML
Republica Corp. today announced the launch of its renewed XML parser,
X-Fetch Performer 1.1. XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is a platform
independent, global standard for data transfer and e-business, which
simplifies information exchange between companies over the Internet.
Republica's X-Fetch Performer is fast and ideal especially for
processing large amounts of information. Republica has paid special
attention on the speed and performance factors in XML-based content
processing since 1998. The Information Technology Research Institute of
the University of Jyväskylä has tested the X-Fetch Performer, and it
proved to be easy-to-use, as well as a very fast XML parser with lower
memory consumption. Even when processing large amounts of information,
Performer's processes did not slow down - memory consumption did not
increase significantly, either.
"X-Fetch Performer is our solution for implementing efficient and
real-time XML-based systems. We believe to have developed a product,
with the help of which we have solved the bottlenecks of XML application
development," said Republica's Chief Technology Officer Timo Airaksinen.
"Performer enables fast technological development, and thus makes it
possible for us to meet our customers' different needs even better."
X-Fetch Performer is a software component that reads XML documents from
a data source and forwards the extracted information to other software
components. The components do not have to be originally designed to
support XML standard.  Only the needed parts of data are parsed and fed
forward. Performer can also be used to convert XML data into any file
format fast, and without the memory consumption problem typical to XSLT
In the test of the University of Jyväskylä, X-Fetch Performer performed
XML transformations with lower memory consumption and 30 times faster
than other tested products. Applications set two major requirements for
the XML parsing tools: speed and accuracy. 
Republica participates in the development of XML standards. The company
is a member of W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) as well as OASIS and
SyncML. W3C and OASIS concentrate on developing the uniform standard for
e-business and the information exchange over the Internet. SyncML is the
standard supported by large global wireless companies for bringing the
information into mobile devices.
For further information about the X-Fetch Performer(tm), please download
the Benchmarking and X-Fetch Performer(tm) White Paper at
Republica Corp., founded in 1996, specializes in XML based data
processing. Its core business is XML language, together with Java
technology and the agent technology used on the Internet. Republica
offers its customers XML-based software products (X-Fetch Suite) to meet
the needs of application integration and electronic data transfer,
projects related to these applications or tailor-made for the customer,
as well as XML-based content services. Republica's head office is
located in Helsinki and the company has approximately 70 employees. 

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