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Subject: XML eBusiness Solution is Available for Free 30-Day Test

XML eBusiness Solution is Available for a Free 30-Day Test

The New Agital Solution Development System Enables Easy Communication
Across XML Via Data Conditioning

Bothell, WA - 28 August 2001 - Agital (www.agital.net), a leading provider
of Data Conditioning Solutions, has released the next generation of the
company's software platform that solves complex data integration by
subtracting from - not adding to - the complexity of existing eBusiness
applications.  A 30-day free trial version of the new Agital Solution
Development System is available at no cost for immediate download at

Fast, flexible, and easy-to-use.

Utilizing XML, XSLT, and Java - the Agital Solution Development System is
scalable, secure, and real-time.  The patented Data Conditioning process
eliminates the need for conventional re-coding that can be both
time-consuming and costly.  By connection and transforming communication
between different application's XML schema, these applications or services
can add in-process value to the data as it is intelligently routed to its
ultimate destination.


Design licenses start at approximately US$890.00 for a single developer,
single CPU license.  Development and test licenses start at approximately
US$3,275.00 for a single developer with unlimited distribution/CPU
permissions.  Deployed Agital solutions start at $US10,675.00 for a 5-CPU
license and require the purchase of an Agital Solution Development System.
 OEM/Reseller pricing is available, and may be negotiated on an individual
basis.  Complete pricing and online purchase options are available at

At Agital we make eBusiness work, and we want to make eBusiness work for you.

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